Woman Gets Stabbed in the Arm by Her Dog After It Mistook a Kitchen Knife for a Toy


Woman Gets Stabbed in the Arm by Her Dog After It Mistook a Kitchen Knife for a Toy

Celinda Haynes arrived at a Hudson, Colorado hospital splattered with blood, a four-inch stabbing gash in her arm. Platte Valley Medical Center nurses immediately suspected domestic abuse, especially after hearing Haynes’ bizarre recounting of how she gets stabbed at home. Many victims of domestic abuse attempt to cover an incident with another story to keep a partner out of jail. Celinda Haynes’ tale was so crazy it instantly raised red flags with hospital staff and police.


“My dog stabbed me with a knife,” she insisted.

Her daughter, Chanda Stroup, had transported Celinda to the hospital. The daughter actually agreed with the dubious account! Hospital staffers were amazed anyone would think such a fabrication believable. The Town of Hudson’s Marshal Service was immediately contacted about Haynes’ suspected domestic abuse case.


Haynes’ report of a knifing incident perpetrated by her dog seems way out in left field, but domestic animals can and do harm humans, although usually in a more traditional way.
Cute pet dogs account for 31 human deaths per year in the United States. Pit Bull breeds are the most frequent killers, but innocent-looking Basset Hounds have torn people to death.

Canines are not the only brawlers and maulers.
Domestic cats, armed with teeth and claws alone, can do some pretty significant collateral damage. A Cleveland man had to be airlifted to a hospital to treat his wounds after a dust-up with his tabby cat.

Haynes’ knife gash was deep and angry, requiring four stitches. It was unbelievable that any animal could stab a human with a knife. Deputy Zack Johnson was not convinced.
“When dispatch said that there was a person who was stabbed by a dog, I had to make sure I heard that correctly,” he reported.

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He investigated, deciding upon Celinda Haynes’ husband as the first suspect. The husband’s alibi proved to be air-tight, He was at the DMV renewing his driver’s license when his wife was stabbed.
Police now reluctantly made Maya, a one-and-a-half year old Chesapeake Bay retriever, a suspect. They had no choice. No one else was in the house when Celinda Haynes was knifed.


Haynes described clearly how Maya made mayhem. The pup decided that a sharp kitchen knife on the counter would be fun to play with. No one had ever admonished Maya about running with scissors, and she easily reached up on the counter and grabbed her new toy, the sharp blade sticking sideways from her mouth like a pirate’s dagger.

Haynes was immediately alarmed for Maya, and placed treats on the floor in an attempt to distract her and cause her to drop the knife. Maya made a mad rush for the treats, her dagger still in her jaws, and ripped Celina’s arm open in the process.

In spite of her painful wound, Haynes is not upset with Maya, any more than she would be upset with a child.

“She’s lovable,” says Haynes. “She’ll kill you with kindness.”

Zack Johnson became a believer. “Obviously, we’re not charging Maya with anything,” he reported, “as she is a dog.”
He added, “I always say, you can’t make this stuff up!”

While Celinda Haynes heals, she is working on a place to hide the kitchen knives from Maya. That would need to include the knife holder on the counter-top.
“She even pulls them out of the knife block,” Haynes confessed.

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