The Reason Why This Newborn is Seriously Damaged Will Leave You Speechless


The Reason Why This Newborn is Seriously Damaged Will Leave You Speechless

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A new mother was recently alarmed hospital staff by aggressively biting the hand and arm of her newborn son. A bite block and sedative injection were required to force the mother to release the child’s arm. The baby’s arm was seriously damaged in the attack, with severe bruising, bleeding and tearing of the skin.

The Reason Why This Newborn is Injured Will Shock Everyone!

The 24 year old woman had been found on the street while pregnant and was taken to the hospital where she gave birth. Her history is unknown at this time and an investigation continues into the cause of the incident. It is thought that the mother is suffering from psychosis.

Psychosis can be related to several different mental illnesses or chemical substances and causes an affected person to experience disturbing symptoms. A person with psychosis suffers delusional beliefs that, while irrational to others, create a twisted reality in that person’s mind.


For a belief to be delusional, it must be bizarre and most likely unattainable. An example of a delusion might be a person believing that they are a god and have supernatural powers. Another example could be a parent believing that their children are possessed by demons and must be killed to save their souls. A less sinister belief might be that one has a special relationship with the president if that is clearly untrue.

In addition to delusions, psychosis can cause a person to experience hallucinations. Hallucinations can be auditory (heard), visual (seen), olfactory (smelled) or tactile (felt). A person with psychosis may have a type of auditory hallucination called a “command hallucination” that orders them to do things that may cause harm to themselves or others. Many people implicated in grisly murders maintain that they heard voices telling them to carry out the act.

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Many people with a severe and persistent mental illness that causes psychosis, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, are unable to function in society and may become homeless. Abuse of some substances, such as methamphetamine or ketamine, is capable of causing psychosis and may also lead to homelessness. The mother’s apparent homelessness prior to delivering her baby indicates a probable history of mental illness, substance abuse or both.

Postpartum psychosis is a type of psychosis that effects women who have recently given birth, usually within 2 weeks of delivery. This type of psychosis can cause the same behaviors mentioned above. The mother may have been experiencing postpartum psychosis when she attacked her baby, though her homelessness makes it seem likely that she was suffering serious instability beforehand.

All types of psychosis are considered a mental health emergency and require treatment. According to the National Institutes of Health, some sign and symptoms of psychosis include: strange ideas that seem impossible to most people, descriptions of things seen, heard or felt that others do not recognize, unfounded paranoid behavior, disorganized thought processes and speech patterns, trouble making decisions and carrying out daily tasks.


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