This Simple Trick Will Help You Prevent Virus Infections Without Using Any Pills!


This Simple Trick Will Help You Prevent Virus Infections Without Using Any Pills!

While fresh garlic is a simple ingredient that can add a ton of flavor to almost any dish, its usefulness in the home does not end at your favorite recipe. Many people stock up on garlic to add to their natural medicine cabinet. Garlic can be used in a variety of ways to enhance health naturally as well as fight different kinds of infections in the body.

This Simple Trick Will Help You Prevent Virus Infections Without Using Any Pills

How Does It Work?In addition to its ability to reduce blood clotting, lower cholesterol and treat a plethora of other ailments, it has been known for thousands of years that garlic has properties that fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections. The most noted beneficial compound found in garlic is called Allicin. This compound is thought to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, molds and yeasts. Allicin has also been shown to have some anti-cancer properties as well as improve heart function. In other words, garlic is definitely a great weapon to add to your arsenal of natural products to help preserve good health.

Ways to Use GarlicThere are many ways to use garlic daily to help stimulate the immune system response and help your body fight off any kind of infections that may be lingering. Garlic is especially useful in colder months when cold and flu infections tend to be at their worst. It is also best to use fresh garlic as opposed to dried, cooked, pre-peeled, powdered or capsuled, as the beneficial effects of garlic decrease after processing.The simplest way to take advantage of the healing properties of garlic is to add chopped or crushed fresh garlic to any dish, such as pasta or salads. It can be heated slightly to make it more palatable. You can also cut cloves of garlic into chunks and swallow them like a pill, or crush a clove and add to a spoonful of honey and swallow with water. Garlic can also be used topically on the skin to help fight fungal and other infections. Ear infections can be treated by adding drops of garlic oil to the ear, or even inserting a piece of raw garlic directly into the ear canal.

Garlic is safe for most adults and children, and consuming one or two fresh cloves a day can help you harness the power of this plant. Consuming another immune system boosting herb like Echinacea with fresh garlic, especially in winter months, will have you on your way to be infection-free.

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