This is What Happens to Your Body within An Hour of Drinking Soda


This is What Happens to Your Body within An Hour of Drinking Soda

By now, you probably already know that soda is not good for you. You may even be aware that soda consumption is linked to a number of health conditions including diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay. On the other hand, you may be shocked to know about the intense battle raging in your body every time you pop the top on your favorite fizzy beverage. The following is a timeline detailing what happens to your body within one hour of drinking a single can of soda.

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10 Minutes:

You have just consumed 10 tablespoons of sugar. That is 166% of the daily intake recommended by the World Health Organization. Normally, the intense sweetness would make you vomit; however, the phosphoric acid in the drink cuts the sweetness to make the drink more palatable.

20 Minutes:

Your blood sugar increases, causing your pancreas to release large amounts of insulin. Your liver begins to metabolize the high fructose corn syrup by turning it into fat. Fructose is similar in composition to alcohol but does not provide the same high. Fructose also does not trigger the part of your brain that tells you when you are full.

40 Minutes:

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By this point, you are feeling the effects of the caffeine. Your blood pressure increases and your pupils dilate. This is similar to your body’s “fight or flight” response. As a result, the liver dumps even more sugar into your system for energy. The receptors in your brain that signal drowsiness are turned off.

45 Minutes:

Your brain amps up its production of dopamine. The dopamine activates the pleasure center of the brain much the same way as heroin.

60 Minutes:

The phosphoric acid that initially helped you keep the drink down now starts to bind with zinc, calcium, and magnesium in your lower intestine. These minerals, which were meant for your bones and teeth, will soon be excreted.

60 + Minutes:

Urine production increases as you begin to feel the diuretic effects of the soda. You get rid of the excess urine along with calcium, water, and other minerals and electrolytes.

The stimulant effect of the soda begins to wear off, leaving you feeling tired, sluggish, and irritable. You reach for another can of soda to combat the effects of the sugar crash, and the cycle begins again.

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