“My Eyes are Watering!” Says the Shocked Little Girl Whose Wish Was Granted By Her Mom!


Every person has big dreams that s/he wants to achieve and goals to accomplish. Most people dream of becoming rich, own a nice house, or an expensive car from the child. There are others who want to become married to their first-time lover and make a family. However, there are some who simply want to survive every day.

Bella Kaylor

A pretty little 5-year old girl by the name Bella Kaylor and her mom had a video that went viral over the various social media sites. The video was about Bella’s amazing reaction after her mom told her they were going to watch the Beauty and the Beast the previous day. Bella became excited after hearing the good news and started to plan her outfit for the big day. Very many netizens viewed Bella’s reaction video, which garnered more than 30 million views.

Lots of people talked nicely about it and shared the video. The producer of the NBC show called the video Little Big Shots requested Bella to come over to California to film her very own episode of the Beauty and the Beast, but this time it would be “Beauty and the Steve.” Steve Harvey happens to be the host.

Bella Kaylor

Bella had the opportunity to chat with Steve Harvey about the story of the film and also got to dance and sing on stage which was stunning and adorable to the viewers.

On sitting on the couch, Steve started worrying because he required support to get back up.
“This sofa is not made for big men! I am going to need some of the dancers to come back and help me and help Mr. Harvey get out!”

The viewers inside the studio could not stop laughing while watching little Bella and Steve interact.

Wish Was Granted

When asked who her favorite Disney character is, Bella couldn’t hesitate and instantly told Steve it is “Belle!”
Steve asked Bella why she likes Beauty and the Beast so much. She frankly said it is because Belle teaches Beast a new lesson. She also added that Belle is nice on the inside and pretty on the outside.

When asked what is her favorite song from the movie Beauty and the Beast, Bella charmingly answered “Tale as Old as Time” and sung it like it was inside her brain for a while.

She then invited Steve to sing with her, and that’s when the cameraman caught the stunning reaction of Bella’s parents. Her dad nearly burst into tears.

Wish Was Granted

Little did Bella know the production had more special surprises just for her? Bella said that the best part was when Steve allowed her to keep the dress, the crown, the rose, and the shoes.

Another funny thing when Bella continued confessing to Steve something else.
“I did not want to touch his mustache. I didn’t know it was a real one or fake.”

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