The 8 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making Washing Your Face


The 8 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making Washing Your Face

At the end of a fulfilling day you may be exhausted, but chances are, you have a few select bedtime rituals you won’t compromise. If these include washing your face, you’re in good company — many people have the same routine. Unfortunately, practice doesn’t always make perfect; you may have been washing your face incorrectly. These mistakes are very common, as many people learned incorrect methods before new developments in health science came to light. Read on as we discover the eight biggest face-washing mistakes.

The 8 Biggest Mistakes You're Making Washing Your Face

1. Temperature

It’s tempting to use very hot water to beat bacteria or very cold water to tighten the pores. However, according to a study published in Cambridge Journals, heat will merely irritate your skin as the water temperature would need to be near-boiling to effectively kill bacteria. Similarly, a frosty shock to delicate skin will only lead to dryness. A lukewarm water temperature is best.

2. Over-Exfoliation

Scrubs lure consumers with the promise of sloughing off dead skin cells, leaving a brighter, more radiant complexion. The truth is you should only exfoliate once or twice per week, as frequent scrubbing leads to over-production of sebum, the substance that produces oil and acne, according to a report by Jennifer Linder, MD.

3. Skimming Over Labels

Not all skincare products are created equal! It’s imperative that you match your product to your skin type. Those with dry skin should ardently avoid ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate and salicylic acid, both harsh cleansers tailored more to acne-prone types.

4. Not Rinsing and Repeating

Your shampoo bottle may say to “rinse, lather and repeat,” but did you know that the same principle can be applied to your facial cleanser? While it’s best not to overdo things, don’t be afraid of a second time around to ensure that all dirt and makeup has been cleansed.

5. Pushing and Pulling

When applying cleanser or water, the correct motion is a gentle gliding motion over your skin; never pull or tug. The same is true for drying — simply pat with a towel until the moisture is absorbed.

6. Using Facial Wipes

Those attractively packaged cleansing wipes in your local drugstore aisle seem convenient, but without a water rinse, there’s no way to clean pores effectively.

7. Neglecting Hair and Hands

Don’t forget that your hands carry pore-clogging debris and bacteria! A quick hand washing before cleaning your face can easily improve your complexion. If you have long hair, remember to tie or pin it back away from the face during cleansing.

8. Over- and Under-doing It

We’ve all heard never to go to bed without washing up, and yes, if you wore makeup or had a day filled with physical activity it’s absolutely necessary. However, if you washed in the morning and skipped the products that day there’s no need to stress over washing again, according to a study published in the medical journal Pediatric Dermatology.

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