This Man Was Given 18 Months To Live. Here’s How He Illegally Cured His Cancer


Doctors gave Him Just 18 Months To Live! Here’s How He Illegally Cured His Cancer

Cancer is not only one of the most fatal, but one of the more common health epidemics in modern American medicine. This is evidenced by the fact that 39.6 percent of individuals, male or female, will be diagnosed with some type of cancer at a point during their lifetimes.

This Man Was Given 18 Months To Live. Here’s How He Illegally Cured His Cancer

In addition, in 2015 alone, about 1,658,370 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed in the United States. 589,430 individuals are expected to die from cancer in 2015. It is a common misconception that only adults get cancer: 15,780 children and adolescents ages 0-to-19 were diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and 1,960 died from it.

Although many say that a cure is close, there currently is no bonafide cure. In the near future, science hopes to be able to drastically reduce an individual’s lifetime risk of getting cancer, while also improving the success ratio of effective treatments for those with the disease.

Ultimately, cancer has not only social issues attached to it, but it is becoming increasingly more expensive to treat. In 2010, $125 billion was spent on it in the U.S. healthcare system, and future expenditure estimates project it costing $156 billion by the year 2020.

All this suggests the importance of finding natural and alternative cures for the disease. One man, David Hibbitt, took the matter of cancer diagnosis into his own hands, and is here to share his story.

His Story

Hibbitt, who was 32 at the time of diagnosis, lives in Staffordshire, a city in the UK. Upon being diagnosed with cancer, Hibbitt declined to undergo chemotherapy due to negative things he had heard; subsequently, his doctors told him that he only had 18 months to live.

Given this prognosis, Hibbitt felt like he had nothing to lose. He didn’t feel like it was time for him to die, and he was willing to experiment was different types of therapies.

One type of therapy that was mentioned by friends was cannabis oil. He was dismissive at first, however, telling confidants, “I’ve never been into drugs.”

In 2013, Hibbitt ended up finally undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery to remove his large intestine, in hopes of it helping to stop the spreading of his cancer. Unfortunately, the efforts were unsuccessful.

At this point, Hibbitt was willing to try anything, so he tried the cannabis oil therapy. 18 months later, he is not only alive, but his doctors have declared his cancer to have gone into remission.


Cancer is a complicated disease, which only further emphasizes the need for a diverse set of therapies. While many do not have the scientific or legislative backing that others do, they might be more effective than other options, as David Hibbitt discovered.

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