What Your Hands Trying To Tell You About Possibility Of Cancer


What Your Hands Trying To Tell You About Possibility Of Cancer

Chances are you rarely think about your hands as you go through your daily routine. If they’re dry or cracked, you automatically reach for the lotion. If they’re aching, you chalk it up to overdoing a certain activity, or perhaps your arthritis is flaring up. While these two scenarios are most often the cause of hand problems, sometimes one or more issues with your hands can mean something more serious is going on with your body.

What Your Hands Trying To Tell You About Possibility Of Cancer

Dry, Cracked, or Thickening Skin On Your Hands

Recent research done by the British has revealed that “common” problems with the hands can sometimes point to cancer. If you notice that your skin is more dry or cracked than usual, or if there is a prominent thickening in the skin of your hands, it’s best to make an appointment with your doctor to rule out the possibility of cancer. Another symptom to be on the lookout for involves discolored spots or patches on your hands, whether it’s on the backs of your hands or on your palms. This is often another symptom that something more than just a mild skin irritation is occurring.

Swollen Hands

Since cancer often causes bloating, swelling, and generalized discomfort, it’s important that these symptoms not be overlooked if they’re occurring in your hands. Since cancer is insidious in that it can often cause symptoms far away from the actual site of the disease, it’s important to note any changes in your body, especially your hands. Any swelling that is accompanied by heat, thickening, unusual spots or patches, and dry, cracked, or thickening skin warrants a trip to your doctor. By paying attention to your body and quickly tending to any issues that arise, you can increase your longevity by identifying the problem and getting prompt treatment.

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Aching Hands

Once again, aching hands can be attributed to overdoing a certain activity or even arthritis. However, if your hands suddenly begin to ache or display the other symptoms mentioned above, it’s important to visit your doctor to determine the cause. Cancer can cause mild, vague symptoms such as generalized aching, which can often be traced to problems with another organ that may be located far away from the hands.

Other Symptoms

The hands aren’t the only places where cancer symptoms can occur. Any symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, persistent fatigue, a bothersome, persistent cough, hoarseness, bloating/swelling, mouth sores, back pain, and a general feeling of malaise should be promptly addressed with your doctor. By paying attention to your body and addressing any issues that arise, you and your doctor will be able to resolve any serious health issues early, which will help keep you healthy and happy for many years to come.

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