How to relieve testicular pain


How to relieve testicular pain

Relieve testicle pain easily and simply: we discover some tricks and tips that will help you quickly testicular pain.

Trucos útiles para aliviar el dolor testicular

If you are a man, you probably already have noticed that the testicles are very sensitive, both to the touch and to the pressure, therefore at any minimum hit or injury there is a pain that in many cases tends to be very strong, so much that it can even reach to cause nausea and pain that radiates to the abdomen. The testicles are the male gonads. They present basically two basic functions: they are co-producers of sex hormones (especially testosterone), and they are also co-producers of sperm. Therefore, they are of great importance in the sexual development of man.

They are found inside the scrotum, which fulfills two functions that we could consider vital: they protect them from changes in temperature (which means that they will always enjoy an optimal temperature for the correct production of sperm), and physical impacts.

Tips to relieve testicular pain

However, when testicular pain appears, it means that either a stroke or injury has occurred immediately before, or there is a disorder or disease that causes it: varicocele (dilated veins in the scrotum), epididymitis (infection or inflammation of the spermatic ducts), orchitis (infection or testicular inflammation), testicular torsion, spermatocele (cyst in the epididymis), or hernias or kidney stones.

There are some basic guidelines that can be very useful when it comes to relieving testicular pain. Of course, remember that if the pain does not disappear after an hour of the blow or injury, or the pain tends to be very strong, it is best to go to the emergency room or your urologist.

Tips to relieve testicular pain naturally
Ice application: you can put some blocks of ice in a bag, and in turn surround it with a clean kitchen towel or a towel, in this way you will avoid direct contact with the skin of the scrotum which could cause burns. It helps reduce pain.
Hot baths: you can sit in the bidet and apply some hot water to the testicles, or give yourself a full hot bath and try to relax while the pain diminishes.
Lie down: in a comfortable place, preferably in your bed or on the couch, and put a rolled towel under your scrotum.
Analgesics: paracetamol or ibuprofen are used to reduce inflammation. Of course, we do not recommend self-medication.

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