An old remedy that takes out phlegm, breaks a cough, removes the flu


An old remedy that takes out phlegm, breaks a cough, removes the flu and cleans the lungs the same day.

Now that winter is approaching, it is good that we prepare ourselves to face the flu and the cold. As we know, for this season increases the number of people who get both. And the cold of this time of year creates the perfect environment for this virus to spread everywhere.


The phlegm has the function of keeping the respiratory passages lubricated and protected. However, when it occurs in excess, it can interfere with the health of the individual. Therefore, the body seeks to eliminate excesses through coughing and expectoration.


When we have a cold, it is common that we have more phlegm than normal. Fortunately, we have very good natural remedies to control it. Among these natural options, we can choose carrot and honey syrup. It has very good properties to combat the symptoms of the flu. Next, we will give you more details about this powerful natural syrup, starting with its benefits.

This syrup is very good to fight the flu. However, it is useful for many other things. Here is a list of some of your alternate benefits.


– Combats pain and inflammation in joints, muscles, and bones.


– It serves to eliminate stress, calm nerves and anxiety.


– It recharges us with energy thanks to its great vitamin value and the many minerals it has, such as potassium and phosphorus.


– Relieves gastritis, heartburn, and heartburn.


Fight a cough and flu with this natural syrup

For many years, homemade syrups have been a very useful alternative to fight the flu. These, in addition to eliminating the flu, help us improve our overall health. They also protect our airways from other similar conditions.


We must say that, by combining the carrot with honey, we obtain anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties from it. For this reason, this syrup is very good to relieve irritated throat and eliminate excess phlegm and airway obstruction because of the flu.


As we have told you, this remedy is prepared with 3 simple ingredients: carrot, honey, and lemon. All of them are very cheap and easy to get. In addition, they have powerful properties to fight the flu and the cold in ways unimaginable.

What we will need:


– Large carrots (5 or 6 units).


– Lemon juice (1 unit).


– Honey (4 or 5 tablespoons).


Preparation and use:


To begin, we should take the carrots and peel them very well, then chop them into small pieces. Later, we will boil some water and throw the carrots there until they soften. Arrived at this point, we will extinguish the fire and let the substance rest until it has cooled down.


Now, you must take a fork and crush the carrots very well in the water in which you have boiled it. Afterwards, you will add the lemon juice and honey to the mixture. Finally, you will remove the mixture very well until obtaining a homogeneous substance. You will store this substance in a glass jar with a lid.


Of this syrup, you should consume about 4 or 5 tablespoons a day. That will be enough to eliminate the flu and the phlegm it causes. If you want to consume it in a preventive way, you should eat 1 spoonful on an empty stomach. If you think it’s a very sweet substance, you can add half a cup of this syrup in warm water for easy consumption.

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