Misconceptions About People With Bad Teeth


Misconceptions About People With Bad Teeth

It is important that dental hygiene is kept to a good standard with regular brushing and dental checkups at Perth dentists. This will help to keep teeth healthy in the long-term. Crooked or discolored teeth can cause some misconceptions which are untrue. This is a guide to the most common misconceptions about people with bad teeth.


People With Bad Teeth Don’t Have Money To Fix Them

It is often assumed that people have bad teeth because they don’t have enough money for surgery or for regular dental check-ups. However, because affordable dental healthcare can be found anywhere, this is not the case. Often it is not often that lack of money puts people off going to the dentist – more likely it is that people forget to make appointments or have a phobia of dental procedures.

It is important to set aside money for any potential dental work in the future. Regular checkups should be arranged at least once a year.

People With Bad Teeth Only Eat Unhealthy Food

It is tempting to think that people with bad teeth are only interested in eating unhealthy foods such as sugary cakes and salty crisps. Whilst it is true that unhealthy food can cause a lot of damage and decay to teeth, there are many healthy foods which are harmful to teeth. Fruit is high in natural sugars which can erode teeth and cause them to decay over a period of time. Make sure to cut down on fruit juices which are made from concentrate, because these can contain more sugar than freshly-squeezed fruit.

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Eating food such as spinach and drinking milk will help to fortify teeth with calcium and to make them stronger. A balanced diet is important for healthy teeth.


People With Bad Teeth Don’t Care About Their Appearance

It may be claimed that people with discolored, decayed or crooked teeth are not interested in their appearance. However, this is not usually the case. Bad teeth can cause people to feel self-conscious about their smile. Some people may simply be too embarrassed to go to the dentist in order to fix the problems that they are having. Try overcoming any embarrassment to have important dental work.

People With Bad Teeth Are Likely To Be Smokers

Nicotine and tar can cause teeth to become discolored by turning a shade of yellow. However, smoking is not the only reason that teeth can become yellowed. A plaque will build up on the teeth if they are not regularly brushed twice a day. Food which is high in additives can also cause teeth to become discolored.

There are many perceptions about people who have bad teeth. Hopefully, this guide has explained that a lot of these perceptions turn out to have alternative explanations. Remember that it is not advisable to jump to conclusions about someone based on the state of their smile.

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