Teen,15, Radically Changing Her Face to Win Back Her Ex


Teen,15, Radically Changing Her Face to Win Back Her Ex

Social media in China has been exclaiming over the teen girl who had extensive plastic surgery done in an attempt to restart a lost relationship. The girl is reported to be only 15 years old. In photos, she appears to have had extensive surgical procedures to her face and eyelids. It is a sign that Chinese beauty standards are too extreme when a teenager can become a social media star by radically changing her face.

Teen,15, Radically Changing Her Face to Win Back Her Ex

Chinese culture considers a pointed chin and large eyes as signs of beauty. It’s quite common for Chinese women to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to come closer to this ideal. In some cases, it is believed that changing the shape of your face will actually change your fortune. Other women believe that they must undergo surgery in order to be successful in their career.

The most popular surgeries are rhinoplasties, eyelid surgery, and facial contouring. Narrowing the face and exaggerating the heart-shaped jawline require surgeons to shave away bone. These are very invasive procedures, and they may even involve jaw realignment.

Changing Her Face

Surgeries like these are painful and expensive. However, women in China are eager to have the work done, and they often travel to other countries where plastic surgery is a tourist attraction.

Within the Gangnam district of Seoul, Chinese tourists can shop, visit nightclubs, and get plastic surgery. Surgery is actually more expensive in South Korea than it would be in China. The Chinese believe that Korean clinics are safer than those in China.

Hee Lee Danae attracted 400,000 social media followers after changing her face. It appears that in her quest to regain her lost boyfriend, she underwent aggressive facial contouring and eyelid surgery. This would have meant shaving down bone and possibly breaking her jaw.

Radically Changing Her Face to Win Back Her Ex

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Many surgeons believe that it is unethical to perform plastic surgery on teenagers. There are contraindications that show that surgeries may not hold up well as the adult facial shape changes and grows. There are also indications that teenagers may lack the emotional maturity to understand the long-term consequences of changing their appearance so drastically.

Many plastic surgeons will not perform surgery on any client under the age of 21 unless the surgery is related to an injury. Places where plastic surgery is considered a tourist attraction typically have fewer rules. Surgeons who operate in these clinics will accept teenage clients as long as they have the money to pay.

Despite the fact that the surgeries may not have been in the girl’s best interests, Hee Lee Danae’s social media followers love her. Some of them refer to her as a spirit snake, which is a reference to Chinese folklore. In these stories, spirits have the pale skin of unearthly beauty. Other people believe that the photos of her are digitally enhanced because of the exaggeratedly pointed face and perfect skin.

It does not really matter if Hee Lee Danae’s transformation is wholly from plastic surgery, or if it is also from enhancing photos digitally. The fact that a young girl became a star by radically transforming her face is a sign that beauty standards in China are too extreme.


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