You’ll be Scared to See What Doctor Pulls Out of This Guy’s Nose


You’ll be Scared to See What Doctor Pulls Out of This Guy’s Nose

Many people put up with pains, annoyances and ailments without going to see a specialist. The video that you are going to watch will make you think twice every time you blow your nose. It will make you think twice before you ignore a necessary doctor’s visit, as well.

You'll be Scared to see What Doctor Pulls Out of This Guy's Nose

The man in this video was suffering from symptoms that the average person ignores until unbearable pain comes. He experienced an abundance of mucous buildup, pain and a general feeling of “something funky going on in the nasal region.” He finally visited an ear, nose and throat specialist and was terrified with what occurred. You will be, too.

The man most likely thought the specialist was going to see some simple inflammation that occurs with any sinus infection. He probably assumed he would get a prescription for antibiotics and be on his way. What he received instead of the antibiotics was the retrieval of a large botfly that had grown since it infiltrated his nasal passages. No one knows how long the fly was in this man’s nose, but it is a miracle that he is alive.

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The botfly is a parasitic fly that feeds off the host’s flesh and grows larger with time. You’ll need to see this procedure to believe that such a thing occurred.

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