5 Health And Beauty Changes That Will Happen To You After Drinking Coconut Water For 14 Days


5 Health And Beauty Changes That Will Happen To You After Drinking Coconut Water For 14 Days

Known for its healing benefits, the “Miracle Water” aka coconut water is steadily growing in popularity amongst the health conscious. Discussion of this healthy water has made a lot of noise recently, and many are taking advantage of its proven benefits. Rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, coconut water is truly something worth trying out. Found mostly in tropical countries, coconut water is now widely promoted in Western countries for its benefits.


Drinking coconut water every day is conducive to your health. After a few days of consistent drinking, your energy levels will increase. That’s after just a few days, imagine the benefits you’d gain after a few short weeks.


Coconut water is one of the purest liquids in the world next to the water. According to BlackDoctor.Org, it’s high in natural sugars which make it perfect for restoring electrolytes and rehydrating. Military officers have even used coconut water as an alternative for intravenous fluids in dire situations where medical supplies are not available. Drinking coconut water for 14 days will not only boosts your energy levels, it’ll keep you well hydrated.

Healthy Kidneys and Urinary Tracts

Coconut water is helpful to your kidneys and urinary tract. It balances the pH level of body fluids thus making urination easier and preventing urinary tract infections. In addition, coconut water can assist in passing kidney stones and can prevent stones from forming in the first place. If you want to detox, a two-week coconut water program will surely work. Since it’s a natural diuretic, wastes will pass through your system and out of your body more quickly.

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Weight Loss

Need to shed some weight? Coconut water can help with that too. Due to increased energy levels, drinkers have more energy to exercise. It helps pump blood into your muscles, and since it keeps you hydrated, your metabolic rate rises which mean you are less likely to store fat in your body. Two weeks of coconut water can help you lose approximately 5-10 lbs providing you include light exercise and a balanced diet.

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Skin Care

Healthy skin is achieved by being fully hydrated. Drink coconut water and you’ll notice healthier skin, less acne (see SeedGuides.info) and unchapped lips. Some natural medicine advocates use coconut oil as part of their beauty regimen as a moisturizer. Like castor oil, coconut oil has a property that helps speed up hair growth – perfect for women who want natural, bold eyebrows.

Drinking “Miracle Water” for 14 days will certainly have numerous beneficial results. Higher energy levels, better metabolic rate, and healthier kidneys are only a few weeks away. Jumping on the coconut water bandwagon won’t hurt. You’ve got nothing to lose – except some pounds – and much to gain.

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