Facial Hair Transplants – Procedure, Side Effects and Efficiency


Facial Hair Transplants – Procedure, Side Effects and Efficiency

Facial hair transplants target the areas on the face where hairs grow naturally: the beard, mustache or sideburns. Some men find it hard to grow a well-shaped beard free of any patches. This is why facial hair transplants can be a simple solution for men who wish to grow a full beard.

Facial Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant procedure

Facial hair transplants are performed by using the same procedures as those for scalp transplantations. These two options are the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The difference is that in the FUE technique, the doctor takes individual follicular units from the donor area while as in the FUT technique a strip from the donor area is cut, usually from the back of the scalp.

The side effects of a facial hair transplant can be related to minimal scarring, swelling and discomfort and/or pain immediately after the procedure and ingrown hairs in some cases.

The costs for the two procedures will differ from one clinic to the other. Patients can also choose to perform the facial hair transplant in Turkey, a country that has many experienced doctors and dedicated clinics, all at affordable prices compared to other countries.

What to keep in mind

A recovery period will be necessary after a beard or mustache transplant. The patient will need to keep the area dry for approximately five days and for the first two days after the procedure refrain from any hard or strenuous activities – it might have been a small-scale procedure but the recovery period should be treated with the necessary due care.

The transplanted hairs will fall off after approximately two weeks. This is normal and by no means indicates that the procedure was unsuccessful. The hairs fall just like in any other part of the body, during the regenerative process. The hairs will start to grow again and will continue to do so. The procedure is efficient and, more importantly, a permanent one.

Facial Hair Transplant

Once the transplanted facial hair has recommenced its natural growth, the patient will be able to shave and style his beard, mustache or goatee however he wishes in order to create the desired look which was hardly possible before the procedure.

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Restoring your natural beard can completely change the way you look and has the ability to change how you feel about yourself.


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