This Guy Got A Hole In His Throat And Almost Died After Whitening His Teeth With THIS Famous Product


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This Guy Got A Hole In His Throat And Almost Died After Whitening His Teeth With THIS Famous Product

When people describe the features that they find the most attractive in another person, top among everyone’s list is a white smile. A person’s smile is a prominent feature on their face. White teeth make a person look younger, happier, more intelligent, and more successful. Teeth that are stained and discolored give the impression that a person does not care about their appearance and that they are untidy, older, and not to be trusted. People who have a smile full of white teeth work hard to keep them that way. People who have teeth that are a discolored dream of having a white smile. Unfortunately, not every product out there that is designed to whiten your smile is safe.


The Dangerous Side of Teeth Whitening Products

Jake Barrett is a twenty-two-year-old British man who almost lost his life after using a kit to whiten his teeth. Jake said that he used the “3D Crest White” kit because he wanted to be like his Hollywood idol Channing Tatum. Jake paid sixty-five British pounds for the kit, but it ended up costing him a lot more. Within two days of using the whitening kit, a cyst developed in his mouth. It grew at an exponential rate. By the sixth day, the pain was unbearable and Jake went to see the doctor. Upon opening the cyst, the doctor saw that it was full of hydrogen peroxide. Further analysis showed that the whitening kit Jake had used was comprised of 15 percent pure hydrogen peroxide. The operation to repair the damage took three hours, and Jake was left with an open hole under his chin.

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Jake said that when he first saw the cyst forming, he thought it might be an infection that would clear up if he continued to take the penicillin that he was already taking for something else. How wrong he was. Over the course of six days, the cyst grew to the size of a grapefruit. Jake could only swallow with difficulty. The doctors told Jake that the cyst was so delicate that it could have burst at any moment, causing hydrogen peroxide to travel down his throat, which in turn would have led to peroxide poisoning and death.

Jake said that he was so focused on getting a smile like his Hollywood idol that he gave no heed to the potential damage this whitening product could cause to his teeth. In addition to the hole in his throat, Jake also had a tooth removed because it became infected by the peroxide. That sixty-five-pound whitening treatment cost Jake a great deal.

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The Benefits of Natural Teeth Whitening

Pharmaceutical tooth whiteners use peroxide and other potentially dangerous chemicals to achieve the results. However, there are many natural alternatives that produce as good if not better results.

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Activated Charcoal – Activated Charcoal has been recommended by holistic dentists for years as a tooth whitening agent. When you apply it to your teeth, it may seem as if the charcoal permanently stains your teeth. However, once you rinse the charcoal out and brush your teeth normally, your teeth are as white if not whiter than before. Charcoal is an absorbent and porous substance. It binds to the substances that stain your teeth and help remove them.

Oil Pulling – Oil pulling involves swishing coconut or sesame seed oil around in your mouth, removing plaque and bacteria. Coconut oil has been shown to be effective against streptococcus mutants bacteria, which leads to gum disease and cavities.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar has been shown to be effective in teeth whitening, especially on stains that are created by coffee or nicotine. In order for the results to be seen, it needs to be used consistently for one month or more.

It is understandable that people want to have whiter teeth. However, some of the risks associated with chemical-based teeth whiteners are just too much to bear. Natural teeth whiteners can be as effective as chemical-based ones, without all the dangerous side effects.


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