Boost Your Circulation And Metabolism For The Next Day By Using This Night Trick


Boost Your Circulation And Metabolism For The Next Day By Using This Night Trick

Researchers have discovered that massaging the feet can relieve stress and tension throughout the entire body. This has caused many respectable spas and therapists to use foot reflexology methods. This is often pricey, but since the process is simple, you can perform all reflexology methods on your own. Prior to massaging your feet, you should soak your feet in hot water. This will loosen the muscles and ligaments. You can start by massaging the pads below your toes with your thumbs. After this, you can use your knuckles to work out any tension in your toes. You should then stretch the toes by pulling them away from your feet. Next, you will massage your soul with your thumbs and knuckles. These large portions of the feet should be divided into small concentrated portions. Similar methods can be used for other areas of the feet.


According to science, the nerves in feet are connected to other areas of the human body. For example, you can eliminate nose pain by massaging the big toe. Other reflexology targets are:

  • Heel for lower back
  • Side of foot for spine
  • Side of heel for tailbone and lower back
  • Ankle for lymphatic area

Barefoot Activities Can Also Help

While massages are effective and enjoyable, performing regular barefoot activities can also release tension throughout the body. Many studies, such as those in Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”, have shown that barefoot running and similar activities can eliminate back and hip pain. On top of these incredible health benefits from stimulating reflexology points, you can also gain energy by simply walking on bare ground. There’s certainly a reason children seem so happy when playing outside in the summer.

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By giving your feet some extra loving and tossing shoes to the side each night, you can feel like a healthier and more energetic person.

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