This is How You Can Re-Energize Your Body With An Ancient 5 Finger Technique


This is How You Can Re-Energize Your Body With An Ancient 5 Finger Technique

When feeling icky and sick, some turn to herbal tea, others to sodas, and still more to yoga. Others, however, turn to Jean Shin Jyutsy: an ancient finger technique of relaxing the body in a few minutes. This ancient technique was relearned by Jiro Murai after being diagnosed with a terminal illness after years of winning competitive eating contests.

Jean Shin Jyutsy__

How it Works
Jean Shin Jyutsy works by moving energy around and unblocking Safety Energy Locks – or SELs. Professional practitioners use both hands, which have the same effect of jumper cables on a car. By pressing on a combination of the SELs at a time, they unlock and move the energy around. With the release of the SELs, the person feeling blocked up and unbalanced experiences a balancing effect that is almost too good to be true.

The Thumb
The thumb is quite useful for those who have anxiety. By making what could be called a sandwich, daily fatigue causes can be remedied. The important thing to remember is that the fingernails all face the same way for this hold. A ring is made with the middle finger and the thumb with a gap between on the right hand. Then the left thumb goes between. It can be reversed for the right hand.

Index Finger
The index finger is also good for helping to relieve fatigue. If someone feels insecure over everything (whether it’s work or a relationship), the index finger is also worth working with. By rubbing the thumb across the palm side of the index and middle fingers of either hand, or both hands, the tension and stress built up from the day can be taken away.


Middle Finger
The middle finger helps to relieve the inability to take a deep breath or tension in the back (upper, lower, or middle). Using any of the finger mudras with the middle finger while exercising (on a run or walk particularly) will help someone breath.

Ring Finger
For someone who seems to find nervousness following them everywhere or they never seem to have any fun, placing the thumb palm side against the ring and pinkie fingers while wrapping the rest around can help calm them.

Why it Works

The hand contains a variety pressure points that help relieve stress in certain areas of the body. By tapping into these when stressed, anyone can make themselves calmer and more read to face the day.

Whether stressed by the fake alien invasion or the need of a new outfit, Jean Shin Jyutsy is just right.

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