Medical Biomagnetism for a better health 


Medical Biomagnetism for a better health 

Reading the press on the Internet this morning, I stopped to think, because the news coming from infectious infections in hospitals is alarming. That is to say, that one enters a hospital because of an illness and can leave with another.

Not in vain, despite all the technologies associated with sterilization, every year 600,000 patients are affected by one or several infections contracted in the hospital. Infections related to health care cause 37,000 deaths. These are the so-called nosocomial diseases.

The fact is that bacteria and microbes are becoming stronger and resistant to antibiotics and scientists struggle every day to find more resistant drugs to deal with them.

It’s something that really worries me and maybe the solution is closer than we think thanks to Biomagnetism. It is a bit complicated to understand but I try to explain what it is.


Medical Biomagnetism is a therapeutic system developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán since 1988; It uses powerful magnets to fight parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other germs that are the cause of various diseases.

Professor Cristobal E. Ruiz Piña, Coordinator of the studies of Biomagnetic Pair of the University of El Escorial Mª Cristina, is one of the most knowledgeable of Spain in Biomagnetism and with him I have chatted to try to understand how we can restore the balance in our body.

This therapy is based on the Biomagnetic Pair, which involves communication with body wisdom to determine, through a binary dialogue (extension-contraction) between therapist and body cells, the biomagnetic region that is in a dysfunctional state and that has been invaded by pathogenic elements.

From this, the irregular fields can be modified by means of magnets to restore the balance both Biomagnetic (cellular frequencies) and biochemical (PH, neurotransmitters, neuroregulators, hormones, and enzymes).

It is assumed that the vast majority of diseases are caused by an infection.

The system consists of the recognition of altered energy points in the human organism that together causes a disease. This recognition is made with passive magnets (not electrified or connected to electronic machines), which are applied in various areas of the human body as if it were a Biomagnetic scan. Once these zones are recognized and confirmed in their energetic potential -which corresponds to organs and tissues that suffer distortion-, the therapist applies a set of magnets in those points for 10 – 15 minutes and generally applies them simultaneously.


In the human body, there are balanced magnetic fields, and we can understand why there is a current of energy in our body. When there is a disease, the magnetic energy network breaks down, and decompensation occurs in those magnetic fields.

“There is a change in the electrolyte compound that generates a variation in the direction of the magnetic field, producing a positive or negative polarization of the organ or organs where the biological anomaly occurs and therefore a change in pH,” says the professor.

The disease is located in the organ or tissue in an imbalance between positive and negative charges. If the ionic alteration is corrected, the problem disappears, since the equilibrium point is returned.

Biomagnetism is compatible with any other form of therapy: homeopathy, allopathy, Naturopathy, Bach flowers, Reiki, etc.


Medical biomagnetism provides medicine and psychology with a new approach that allows us to direct the clinical performance both in the diagnosis, for the correct association of the pathology with the alterations that it produces and that present as pathological, glandular, dysfunctional physical disorders, psychosomatic and psycho-emotional; as in the treatment. The initiative, the action proposal, always comes from the patient, their needs and their physical and psychological situation.

Professor Cristobal E. Ruiz Piña recommends applying this system to all people: healthy and sick. In addition to curing diseases, Biomagnetism prevents them, thus preventing further suffering.

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