Warning Signs: What to Watch Out for in Deteriorating Health


Warning Signs: What to Watch Out for in Deteriorating Health

As we age, our bodies tend to suffer from deterioration in many ways. Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity could also cause your health to deteriorate, as well as failure to receive medical treatment when needed. To prevent these conditions from progressing or leading to more severe health issues, you will need to monitor your health on a regular basis, especially when you notice any of the warning signs discussed below.

Warning Signs- What to Watch Out for in Deteriorating Health

Hearing Loss
When your ability to hear higher-pitched sounds begins to drop, this is a warning sign your overall hearing is beginning to deteriorate. If you are exposed to loud sounds over time, you could also suffer from induced hearing loss. Your ability to hear hard, high-pitched consonants such as “S” will be difficult to do, in addition to hearing the voices of children or women. It is important you schedule regular hearing tests with your doctor if you notice you are unable to hear high-frequency sounds. You should also consider wearing hearing aids to help you socialize and communicate with your family and friends better.

Bone Tissue
The older you become, the more critical your bone health will be. Watch out for signs you could be developing osteoporosis and other bone diseases. As your body ages, it is no longer able to create new bone tissue as quickly as old bone tissue is absorbed, and as a result, your bones will feel weaker and thinner. Eventually, your bones will become more fragile, and even everyday movements could increase the odds of your bones breaking during a fall. Schedule bone density tests (DEXA scans) with your doctor on a regular basis. Doing so helps identify various age-related health conditions, including osteoporosis and osteopenia.

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Macular Degeneration
As you age, your vision will begin to deteriorate. One of the most serious vision problems is known as macular degeneration. If you suffer from this condition, the part of your eye that normally allows you to see in great detail will begin to break down over time. Your central vision will become blurry, and you could even begin to experience difficulty recognizing faces or reading. It is important you visit an eye clinic and schedule regular eye checkups to look for any signs of trouble with your vision.

Cognitive Impairment
When your health goes, your cognitive abilities could also suffer. Complex thinking becomes harder and you may even begin to forget the simplest things. When you are following multi-step directions, you could become confused and irritated. This is typically due to cognitive impairment. If you notice these symptoms of confusion or forgetfulness, you should contact your doctor immediately for an evaluation. They can help you find the best treatment for your condition and prevent further effects of this kind of aging.

All of these health issues come with various warning signs, and you should never ignore them. When you seek treatment, your doctor may be able to find a way to stop the progression of the symptoms before they become worse.

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