5 Areas Of Your Health To Concentrate On In 2019 And How To Implement Changes


With another year coming to an end it is time to start thinking about resolutions for 2019. These should be carefully planned as a lack of planning can set someone up for failure as they have not thought through their resolution. Taking the time to sit down and write out a plan for a resolution can help hold yourself accountable as well as being a reminder of goals/how to achieve them. There does not have to just be one goal for the year as you can have multiple goals when it comes to your health. The following are areas to concentrate on in order to be your healthiest and how to implement changes to improve your health.

Fitness Levels

The first area of health that most people set yearly resolutions for is their fitness level or overall body composition. People want to lose weight, bulk up, tone up, or gain lean muscle which leads to a stampede at most gyms come January. The important part of attaining great fitness levels is that of consistency in both workouts and diet which is mentioned below. Stick with a routine until it is no longer generating the results that you desire and try a new program. Research the different workout programs you are going to implement to make sure that they align with your goals. Readjust goals if they simply are not attainable or if you have achieved them much more quickly than expected. Vary workouts up including interval training, weightlifting, and cardio as maintaining different types of fitness if important for those trying to get in impeccable shape.

Diet……You Are What You Eat

The knowledge of how to eat healthy should be a cornerstone of how you plan your meals. Lack of this knowledge can lead to a diet with good intentions that is not implemented in a healthy way. Take time to research different diets and foods to see which fall in line with your tastes and benefits you seek. Most people need to incorporate more vegetables into their daily diet which does not have to change what you eat. For example, adding spinach and tomato to a morning omelet can be done for taste rather than adding a cheese high in fat. Schedule out meals so you know what you are eating and do not have to resort to eating out or ordering delivery which rarely is as healthy as cooking for yourself. Adding Miracle Berry, the taste modifier, to less palatable healthy foods that taste bitter or sour can turn them into something sweet which allows you to enjoy eating healthy. This does not have the sugars that other taste modifiers have or the unnatural aspects that artificial sweeteners bring to the table.

Mental Health

Many people do not make resolutions that have to do with their mental health as most people do not understand the importance of maintaining mental health. Most of the time people do not seek help for mental health until something is noticeably wrong. Mental health issues can be dealt with by staying aware of what impacts mood, energy levels, and anxiety levels. People that take the time to identify triggers can put themselves in much better situations that are healthier for them mentally. Schedule out time daily to relax and relieve stress as this can allow for you to recharge your mental batteries. Try to get on a healthy sleep schedule as well as a rested mind is far healthier than a sleep deprived one.

Dental Health

Dental health needs to be maintained as problems that occur can worsen with time if not treated. Certain infections of the mouth can spread and can become potentially life threatening in the most extreme cases. Avoiding certain foods and drinks is important as candy as well as soda can lead to cavities. Take the time to set a timer on your smartphone to ensure that you are brushing your teeth for an adequate amount of time. Setting an alarm for when it is time to floss can be something that makes a huge difference in oral health. Mouthwash should also be used daily for the recommended amount of time and a special type can be selected for those with plaque, sensitive teeth, and even children.

Joint Health

Those who are starting to get a bit older but still want to live an active lifestyle should start thinking about maintenance of their joints. Specific diets can be much healthier for the joints than others but there are supplements that can help with joint health as well. Try to avoid doing too much high impact cardio and opt for something that is easier on the joints like that of swimming or biking rather than running. Preventative measures being taken will reduce the odds of a joint problem occurring in the future.

Try to start your year off in the right direction when it comes to your health. Improving your health can help you professionally, personally, and mentally so why wait, start now!

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