This Woman Had An Allergic Reaction To Her Hair Dye and Documents In Dramatic Images!


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This Woman Had An Allergic Reaction To Her Hair Dye and Documents In Dramatic Images!

Hair dye is usually seen as a harmless and fun way of changing your appearance. However, one young woman learned the hard way that hair dye can have some extremely terrifying side effects. A user on Imgur, the popular image sharing website, posted a series of images that were titled “So, my friend had a pretty ridiculous allergic reaction to hair dye…” These pictures show the truly horrifying reaction that her friend had to hair dye.

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Hair Dye

The first image shows what the young woman usually looks like. In the before picture, she has a heart-shaped face and a beautiful smile. The second image shows something entirely different. The woman is almost entirely unrecognizable. One of her eyes is swollen shut, her petite nose bulges at the top, and her forehead is swollen to a truly monstrous size. Her normal face shape is completely altered; instead, she has the huge oval forehead and tiny chin of a cartoon green alien. After this first, drastic change occurred, the friend decided to visit the emergency room.

Horrifying Reaction to Hair Dye

On the second day, the young woman began to look a little better. Her swollen eye has began to open, and the large bump on her forehead had gotten smaller. Sadly, the reaction still was not letting up. By the third day, her face had began swelling again, and both of her eyes were so puffy and swollen that she could barely see. The swelling finally began to go down by the fourth day. Instead of having an overly round face, the young woman merely looked like her cheeks and eyes were still a little puffy. The last photo in the album shows what her face looked like by the fifth day. While she finally looks normal and human again, the swelling still makes her face look somewhat more square than it did before. Though she is mostly recovered, she still does not look like she used to.

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The images were so shocking that the post quickly went viral. Over 800,000 people have viewed the album of the young woman’s reaction to hair dye. While some people joked that “She shoulda robbed a bank while she was unidentifiable,” others were more serious. Users shared tales about loved family members who had almost died after dyeing their hair and having an allergic reaction.

Many people pointed out that the post is a perfect example of why you should always test a small patch of the dye on your skin before putting it all over your head. Black hair dye is particularly prone to causing issues, due to the harsh chemicals needed to get the inky color. Hair dye can be a very dangerous substance if you are allergic to the dye, and even a brand that you have used before can cause a reaction if you build up an intolerance to the dye. Pauley Perette, the actress who plays goth character Abby on NCIS, has also spoken out about the dangers of hair dye, since she suffered a similar reaction from dyeing her hair its signature black shade. Hair dye can be a fun experiment, but it is necessary to take precautions before using it.


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