Sitting down to eat as a family: why is it so beneficial


Sitting down to eat as a family: why is it so beneficial

Eating as a family offers us many health benefits. Do you know what are its most important advantages, and why should we inculcate it in our children?

Comer en familia

A simple gesture can bring us great benefits. We probably do not even consider what it means and it makes us sit down to eat together as a family.

Due to the circumstances of each person, the exhausting rhythm of day to day makes us countless times we sit alone to have lunch, breakfast and yet take a little time to eat accompanied is more than positive is more than recommended.

“In life, not everything is sweetness and happiness: there is also pain and tears. But whether you feel happy or sad, you have to feed yourself. A good meal is good for both the happy and the sad. “(Laurie Colwin, American writer).

A long time ago in many homes in the Western world, a ritual was followed that we all probably missed: all the family members gathered around the table, at least once a day, to share the food as well as share how they the day had gone.

No interruptions were allowed, no television was seen, no headphones were on, no phone was used to keep talking with friends. In that cozy environment, the people present at that time had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, strengthen family ties and laugh at the daily things of life, while enjoying the food.

However, today this ritual has been lost and is increasing every time.

The habit of eating as a family may seem dated to this day. In many homes, eating together is the exception, but what makes it so difficult? Do you think it’s worth keeping this tradition? What advantages does it bring to the members of the family?

The benefits of eating as a family …
According to the University of Rutgers (United States), when we sit down to eat as a family we feed ourselves better because we eat more fruit, vegetables, fiber, and foods rich in calcium and vitamins.

Basically, it is summarized that when we eat alone it is more common for us to tend to consume less healthy foods (it is common for us to take the first thing we find). For example, prepare a quick sandwich and a coffee or a glass of milk. Or that we even get to skip food or breakfast.

However, when we eat together -especially if we eat with our children-, it is more normal to prepare a meal more conscientiously, choosing healthier foods and drinks: fruits, dairy products, cereals (especially in its integral variety) …

In addition, this habit or habit increases our self-esteem as it improves psychological well-being, sharing the time of the meal provides security.

Without a doubt, this habit reinforces family ties. Being able to enjoy quality family time also strengthens relationships among its members.

Comiendo en familia

Why is it so suitable for the little ones in the house?
Family meals provide our children with the opportunity to have conversations with adults, increase their vocabulary, learn new topics and different ways of reasoning and points of view, which improves school performance.

In addition, to pay more attention and inculcate them in helping in the housework in gestures such as setting the table, picking up the table, they will feel involved too.

It helps all the members of the family to relax. In most cases, a family meal in harmony reduces stress and stress caused by daily routines and household chores.

Counting on everything mentioned above, eating with the family is a habit that leads us to a better diet, helps us to develop effective and social relationships and creates a healthier environment for coexistence.



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