12 Proven remedies for irregular menstruation


Remedies for irregular menstruation.

Each month a complex process takes place in the female organism that requires the interrelation of the endocrine system, the hormonal system, and the nervous system.

The first is regulated by different glands, one of them being the hypothalamus.

This begins the entire menstrual cycle by taking charge of giving orders to secrete the hormones that activate the function of the ovaries. For its part, the brain centers are responsible for stimulating the hypothalamus

However, sometimes the menstrual cycle does not have a fixed duration. That is, sometimes menstruation (bleeding) occurs at 15 days (is advanced) and in others at 50 or 60 days (delayed). This irregular menstruation is one of the most common reasons for visiting the gynecologist.

This irregularity can be due to many factors such as:

Stress (before a trip, an exam, the health status of a relative, etc.)
Use of drugs (antidepressants, antihypertensive, antiulcer, antipsychotic and postcoital pill)
Gynecological surgeries
Sharp oscillations of weight
Changes in the usual rhythm of life (hours of sleep, rest and meals)
Hormonal alterations (increase in prolactin)
It is important to note that both a significant increase in weight and a drastic reduction can produce irregular menstruation. In the first case, it is due to a greater production of male hormones and, therefore, irregularity can occur while when there is a sudden thinning, this alteration can also occur and even lead to amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 1: Wash and boil a handful of fresh beets in a half liter of water until very tender. Then, remove the beets and leave the remaining liquid to continue boiling until it resembles a syrup. Keep the liquid in a bottle and take this preparation during the day.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 2 Pour 1 tablespoon of leaves or flowers of rosemary in half a liter of water that is boiling. Then, cover, let cool and strain. Drink this preparation throughout the day. Take 8 days before menstruation.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 3 Pour 2 tablespoons of salvia leaves in half a liter of water and boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, strain and let cool. Take three cups a day.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 4 Pour 2 tablespoons of yarrow in a cup of water that is boiling. Cover and let cool. Drink one cup of this infusion daily 8 days before the expected date of menstruation.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 5 Wash, cut and boil 4 small carrots for 5 minutes. Place on a plate and add 2 tablespoons of sesame, 1 tablespoon of parsley and another of vinegar. Consume this salad three times a week.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 6 Pour 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds or fenugreek in 1 cup of water and boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and let cool. Strain and take 1 cup of this preparation daily.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 7 Mix 25 grams of each of the following plants: chamomile, yarrow, calendula, hypericum, sage, mugwort and serpent. Remove 1 tablespoon of this preparation and pour into 1 cup of boiling water. Consume 2 cups a day. Follow the cure for 3 months, starting every month 10 days before the supposed appearance of the rule (irregular cycle)

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 8 Pour 3 drops of amaro oil, 2 drops of coriander oil, 2 drops of basil oil and 2 drops of thyme oil in a tub or bathtub filled with hot water. Immerse yourself in this bath for 20 to 30 minutes.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 9 Add, in a clean container, 60 milliliters of almond oil (base oil) and then add 4 drops of juniper oil, 8 drops of amaro oil, 2 drops of coriander oil, 6 drops of myrrh oil and 2 drops of absolute or enfleurage of jasmine and mix. Several times a day, massage the abdomen and lower back with this preparation.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 10 Pour 60 milliliters of olive oil (base oil) into a clean container and add 8 drops of chamomile oil, 6 drops of amaro oil, 4 drops of geranium oil, 3 drops of oil cilantro, 2 drops of fennel oil, 2 drops of absolute or enfleurage of jasmine and 2 drops of vetiver oil. Mix the ingredients. Every day, massage the skin with this oil.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 11 Mix 2 drops of the following aromatherapy oils: lemon balm rose and sage with 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Apply by gentle massage in the belly area.

Remedy for irregular menstruation # 12 Boil 20 g of juniper berries in 1 liter of water for 5 minutes and take 2 cups a day.


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