Tips to increase lips naturally


Tips to increase lips naturally

Do you have thin lips and do not know how to increase them? Discover some tips and natural remedies that will be of great help to get it once and for all.

Cómo aumentar los labios

Although each one has lips with a different size, the passage of time will cause firmness to be lost. If your lips are thin, do not worry; There are different tricks to give them volume and make them look thicker.

Choose well the colors, ingredients, creams, gloss, and others so that your lips are perfect, and above all, healthy.

Also, think that it is very important to perform different steps in beauty. A good hydration, make-up removal, peeling, and exfoliation make the skin breathe and the lips are beautiful and, with this, its volume is also facilitated.

Remedies to increase lips with natural ingredients
A lot of the time, you do not need to resort to surgery to have beautiful, voluminous and natural lips. Pepper and chili oil helps to increase the volume of the lips instantly.

Simply apply or massage a little of this oil over the desired area until you get the results. In a moment, the lips go up in volume. It is possible that the effects are lost after a few hours and it is important to note that no more than a few drops should be applied.

Aceite de pimienta

Along with this, cinnamon and honey are other natural ingredients that serve to give volume to the lips. You can make homemade masks easy to make. Cinnamon can be mixed with almond oil, make a paste, and applied to the lips. Cinnamon improves the circulation of the lips, seeing, then, larger.

Facial gymnastics
The face must also be exercised so that it breathes and is better. The so-called facial gymnastics offers many benefits, especially to slow down the passage of time, being an effective treatment for the signs of aging.

The lips, in the same way, we do with the neck or jowls, have muscles and can be easily exercised. In addition, they are exercises that we can do at any time and place.

One of these exercises is, simply, to give kisses in the air, because the muscles contract and also offers relaxation. Another exercise is to close the mouth and squeeze the lips keeping the posture about 10 seconds. Then we will pull the lips out.

These exercises must be done several times a day, we must be constant, in the same way, we do with the rest of the body.

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Beauty care for the lips
There is a series of rituals that it is important to follow to have a well-groomed skin. Hydration is essential so that the lips do not dry out, especially in times of winter and extreme cold. We can have hydrated lips thanks to lip protectors, moisturizing balms, creams … or with natural products every morning and night.

If we want to make homemade creams or protectors, it is important that they have an avocado, yogurt or honey base, for example. When the lips manage not to crack, they look thicker and more spectacular.

We must remember that the balms must have FPS in order to protect themselves from the sun because it is another reason why they are wrinkled and dry.

Aumentar los labios naturalmente

In addition to hydration, which is also achieved by drinking a lot of water, an exfoliation is another of the things to take into account to take care of the lips and make them increase in size. Exfoliations are usually done on the whole face in general, and body, including the lips. With the exfoliation, we do not dry out and we remove skins and dead cells that make us look bad.

Being a delicate part of the face, it is best not to abuse the exfoliations on the lips. We can do the exfoliation with sodium bicarbonate, vegetable oils, cosmetics for that purpose, and we will apply it, with a gentle massage, over the mouth.

To enlarge the mouth without surgery, there are also makeup tricks very simple to perform. For this, we need a lip liner, usually a thin pencil to paint the contour of the lips.

Then apply the lipstick in the center and finish off with a gloss or shine, which highlights this part of the face.

Another option is to have a lip volumizer. They are products that have come down in price and are affordable. We have them in the form of a bar, gel or pencil. The effects of these products last for a while, but they are fine to create a wow effect instantly. It is recommended not to abuse the lip volumizers.

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