How to Smoke CBD


There have been many health benefits of CBD recently discovered, but it is still a debate on what is the best way to consume it. There are so many ways to consume CBD, but many people believe that the original is the best.

Smoking CBD has been around for a long time. The only difference is that when smoking marijuana years ago, there was also THC in the plant, which can now be removed. THC is the chemical that gives the psychoactive “high.” With the use of modern technology, this chemical can be removed, and you can reap the health benefits of CBD.

It can be challenging to start smoking CBD after many years of ingesting it through edibles, cream, etc. But, smoking CBD has a much better short-term effect. When you consume CBD through the mouth, it can take about 90 minutes for your body to digest it and for you to feel the effects.

However, when you smoke it, it enters directly into your bloodstream, and you get the effects in minutes. You might be asking, what are some ways I can smoke it? Below is a shortlist of ways you can start smoking CBD

Rolling Papers

This is what a lot of people see in the movies. It is a small amount of paper, and you roll what you want to smoke inside the paper. It functions as a cigarette, but without all the deadly chemicals, just CBD.


This is relatively new. Vaping CBD has gotten a lot more popular within the past couple of years. Essentially, there is CBD oil in a glass cart with a mouth tip on it. A rechargeable battery heats this oil just to the point of vaporization.

 This way, nothing is being burned. Another plus to vaping CBD is that it is very portable and convenient. Plus, there are many CBD wax crumbles all over the place.

Water Pipe

Water pipes function essentially as standard pipes, except for a water chamber. What you have to do is put the CBD that you are smoking in the top portion of the pipe, and below, there should be a chamber filled with water. 

When you light the CBD, the smoke will then be filtered through the water and into your lungs, so it is much cleaner and more enjoyable to smoke.

Overall, there is no right or wrong way to consume CBD. There are, however, ways to do it depending on what you need. If you are planning so that you feel the effects when you need to, eating it might be a little better. But, if you need to feel the results right away, smoking CBD might be better for you.

CBD works wonders on many people, hopefully for you as well. But, everyone thinks the way they do it is the right way, but the truth is, there can be more than one right way. Being prepared for everything is excellent, and smoking CBD is something that you should add to your arsenal.

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