This Precious Infant Was Born Twice


This Precious Infant Was Born Twice

Some stories are quite beautiful, and this one is indeed. LynLee Hope Boemer fought hard to make her way in the world, and she holds something special in her heart. This precious infant was born twice. During her mother Margaret’s routine ultrasound, doctors discovered an abnormality with baby LynLee. A tumor was growing from her tailbone.


There weren’t many options here because the tumor was weighing heavy on the infant’s heart. Doctors decided to take a chance and remove LynLee from her mother’s womb. They surgically removed the tumor successfully and then decided to return the 23-week preemie back to fully develop.


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So, LynLee was technically born once and then carefully placed back into the safe and nurturing womb to help her grow to term. The entire event sounds bizarre and impossible, but it wasn’t. Doctors at the Texas Children’s Fetal Center rose to the challenge, and baby LynLee Hope Boemer was born again, as a healthy, amazing little girl with a chance at a full and normal life.



The rare birth defect usually occurs more often in baby girls than baby boys. Doctors say the tumor occurs in one out of every 35,000 births.

Baby LynLee Hope Boemer is certainly a miracle survivor and an adorable one at that. Check out her story:

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