Make Your Face look Slimmer with These 10 Hairstyles


Make Your Face look Slimmer with These 10 Hairstyles

Finding the right hairstyle can make your face look slimmer. The ideal face shape is the oval face and making your face appear more oval will slim a rounder face and soften a square jaw. Consider which features you would like to draw attention to or disguise when choosing a hairstyle. For an easy style that is low maintenance there are plenty of options, ranging from an asymmetrical bob to a longer tousled-layer style.

Make Your Face look Slimmer with These 10 Hairstyles

The Asymmetrical Bob

The traditional bob ends at chin-length or slightly shorter and can make a round face look rounder. Instead, go shorter in the back and let the front ends fall past chin-length. This will give your cheekbones a slim, flattering appearance and make your face look longer and narrower.

Wispy Bangs

Instead of blunt-cut bangs, go for a wispy bang that is shorter in the middle and longer at the edges.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs look great on round and heart-shaped faces. Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and are narrower at the chin. Sweeping the bangs to one side makes the face appear slimmer.

Add Highlights

Adding highlights is a simple way to brighten your face. The vertical stripes create an up and down motion, drawing the eye upward. Highlights also create volume and make hair look healthier and shinier.

Soft, Long Waves

Avoid tight curls, which can make the face look rounder. Go for a softer look by adding loose, long waves. Let the ends curl away from the face.

Long Layers

Not sure whether to go longer or shorter? Take it from master stylist Edward Tricomi and go for a longer style. Long hair elongates the face.

Partial Up-do

Sweep the hair up and off the face loosely, allowing some pieces to fall around the face in tendrils. This gently frames the face and adds length while drawing the eye up.

The trick to finding a flattering style for your face shape is to know what shape your face is. An oval face is the ideal form, and any style that makes your face appear more oval is flattering.

Side Part

You can also try parting your hair on the side and sweeping the bangs or long layers to the side which elongates the neck and appears to add length to the face.

Romantic Layers

A tousled, layered look can work well for you, and a long, flowing, romantic style gives you many styling options.


Try pulling the hair back loosely in a partial ponytail or braid a section across the front in a headband style or loosely curled for a bohemian flair.

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