5 Crazy Things We Do in Our Sleep


5 Crazy Things You Do In Your Sleep

Although many people enjoy having a strict bedtime established, others prefer to have flexibility with when they hit the hay. Some may need a solid seven hours of slumber while others can function well on just four hours. According to Time.com, experts suggest that going to bed before midnight from eight to 12 am will provide a deeper sleep that allows you to feel more rested by entering the REM stage easier. The National Sleep Foundation also recommends getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night to feel rested the next day. Although many people have different sleep patterns, there are still a few crazy things that most people are prone to do while they’re in a deep sleep.

5 Crazy Things We Do in Our Sleep

1. Walk

Going into a deep sleep often means waking up and walking around the house or even outside. This occurs in stage 3 of sleeping and can lead to insomnia or anxiety the next day. For other people in the home, it can be difficult to wake up the individual.

2. Drive

In some cases, sleeping can cause people to get in the car and begin to drive. Taking sleep aids like Ambien can cause this to occur by keeping you asleep for longer periods of time even though your body knows it should be awake, according to Prevention.com.

3. Eat a Midnight Snack

Although most people make it a point to have dinner a few hours before bed, some still want to eat while they’re sleeping. Enjoying a midnight snack may be caused by non-REM parasomnia with those who are already following a restricted diet. Those who eat in their sleep are much more likely to munch on junk food that is higher in calories, causing weight gain and dental problems. Nighttime sleep-related eating disorder can also be the cause and often begins with sleepwalking.

4. Send Text Messages

As if teenagers and adults are not already on their phones enough, some have a habit of sending a few more text messages in the middle of the night while they’re sleeping. A survey from the Villanova University found that up to 35 percent of adults have performed this act without realizing what they were doing. There’s not much harm involved with sending text messages, but it can be embarrassing with what is written or who it’s sent to.

5. Swimming

The water may be a bit cold but some still find swimming enjoyable as they sleep which can lead to hypothermia if the individual is in the water too long. It can also be dangerous if the person becomes submerged underwater or forgets how to swim properly to stay afloat.

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