What are the nutritional benefits of granola?


What are the benefits of granola?
We must bear in mind that granola is made with dried fruits, dehydrated fruits, and cereals, so that we have a wonderful dish full of essential nutrients, noted for its incredible nutritional richness. But let’s go in parts.

Incredible nutrient richness
Taking into account that granola is made with a wide variety of natural foods, it is normal that we find ourselves before a food full of nutritious benefits, thanks to that nutritional wealth.

For example, it is a food rich in fiber, healthy fats, vitamins (especially B vitamins) and especially minerals (such as magnesium, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus).

Useful in weight loss diets
We must bear in mind that granola is a caloric food. However, consumed in small quantities and especially in the morning (for example at breakfast), it is perfectly ideal for slimming diets.

Why? Very simple: because of its richness in fiber it provides satiety so that it will help us when we feel much more satisfied and less hungry, eating less at the next meal.

Help against constipation
Precisely because of that high fiber content it becomes an ideal natural food against constipation, helping to improve intestinal transit, especially when consumed on a regular basis every day.


Cómo hacer granola

Ideal for good cardiovascular health
Because of its high content of healthy fats, did you know that granola is also ideal when it comes to enjoying good cardiovascular health? For example, it is especially useful in reducing high cholesterol, while helping to control blood pressure.

However, its content in healthy fats not only translates into this unique quality, it also helps improve the functioning of our brain.

How to eat granola to enjoy its properties
The truth is that, besides being tremendously easy and simple to make, so we only need a few ingredients (in short, those that we like), granola also stands out for being very easy to consume, this way we can learn to prepare it in a few minutes, and enjoy it another few minutes more.

Como comer granola

And in what way can we consume it to enjoy all its nutritious and health benefits? You can actually choose between the options that you like most, such as:

Milk: You can choose a bowl of milk, either whole milk, semi-skimmed milk or skim milk. However, if you are following a diet or weight loss or simply want to care for and maintain your weight, it is best to opt for skimmed milk, as in itself the granola is already quite caloric and energetic.
Vegetable drinks: If you are passionate about vegetable drinks (also popularly known as vegetable milk), they also become a deliciously fun way to eat granola. Our favorite? Soy milk without a doubt, although you can also opt for almond milk (another of our favorites).
Yogurt: Yogurt also becomes another incredible nutritious option, since to the qualities of the granola we must add all the benefits that the yogurt brings you.
The best of all is that it is such a versatile food that combines almost perfectly with any other ingredient. In addition, it can be eaten with cold dishes in summer (ideal to cool off in the hottest days, for example with a little cold milk), as with hot drinks.

Why is it better to make our own granola at home?
It is enough to shop at the supermarket and take a granola container in our hands to realize that, in most cases, the industrial granola we find in supermarkets are not healthy or nutritious options.

Why? Fundamentally because in most cases they are made with less healthy ingredients, such as palm oil, or have a high amount of sugars and saturated fats. In this way, they convert a breakfast or snack into a healthy beginning (due to its content in seeds and cereals), in a really inadequate option.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the conclusion is obvious: it is best to make our own granola at home, using only one hundred percent natural ingredients, and if possible organic.

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