This Man Overcome His Diabetes by Consuming THIS


This Man Overcome His Diabetes by Consuming THIS

Being diagnosed with diabetes is only the start of a lifelong struggle for millions of patients. Although some people fall victim to the disease even with an active and healthy lifestyle, there are many whose diabetic condition is brought on by their poor dietary decisions. One man who found himself dealing with deteriorating health decided to take matters into his own hands and forgo a life of medicine prescriptions and insulin shots and instead turned toward the food he consumed.

This Man Overcome His Diabetes by Consuming THIS

Over the course of four years, the man took a combination of daily oils, insulin and medication to treat his diabetes and high blood pressure. After getting sick of the tedious upkeep his medical conditions required, he turned to a raw fruit and vegetable diet that completely transformed his life!

The Beginning

A visit to the doctor due to excessive thirst led to the startling revelation that the young man was actually in a state of dangerous diabetic shock. His doctor immediately ordered tests that revealed his sugar level to be 29. To put that into perspective, the average adult’s should be 4.4 to 6 mmol/L. His pancreas was no longer functioning, which meant that in order to stay alive, he would need daily doses of insulin.

Despite the fact he diligently took his medication, his health continued to deteriorate. It was soon discovered that he had elevated triglyceride levels of 16 and a blood pressure of 150/100. Compare that to the average adult male’s triglyceride levels of 150 mg/dL and blood pressure range of 120/80 – 140/90.

As a New Year’s Resolution, the young man had decided that he was fed up with his constant health struggles that medicine couldn’t seem to fix and made the decision to take matters into his own hands.

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Diabetes Treatment Diet

After seeing an episode of a show called “The Edge of Science”, the young man was inspired to begin treating his health conditions with a strictly raw food diet. In the episode, a doctor named John Zirdum revealed that he had been living the same way for the past 12 years!

The first week was one of the most challenging since our bodies are so used to consuming processed foods, sugars, grains and other chemicals. The man fought through the temptations and was amazed to discover that the results were almost immediate; in just seven days’ time, his blood sugar levels had dropped to 5.

He had spent years on insulin and other medications to keep his blood sugar levels in check with little to no avail. He intended to continue his insulin treatments because he expected the shock of this extreme raw diet to fade from his system, but the results remained. Soon he decided to cease taking the medications altogether.

The decreased blood sugar levels were only the beginning. He also began rapidly losing weight. In 25 days, he had shed 24 pounds and this trend continued. After 16 weeks, the man had lost a total of 44 pounds, took no insulin, had an average blood pressure level of 120/70 and triglyceride levels of 1.4.

His life was completely transformed, but does that mean a raw food diet can cure diabetes?

Treating Diabetes with Diet

Raw diets have been proven to drastically decrease blood sugar levels and help stabilize the body’s systems. The concept of the raw food diet originates in Zurich, Switzerland, in the 1800s after Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner began using it to treat his patients and supposedly cured his own jaundice by consuming nothing but apples.

To eat a raw food diet, one must consume nothing that is processed, which essentially leaves them eating a vegan diet. There’s no milk, eggs or cheese. It saves drastically on gas and electric bills since microwaves and stoves are rarely used as a result of the guideline foods are not heated above 115–118°F.

Although there haven’t been any serious studies on diabetics and raw food diets, it has been proven that a raw food diet can help you lose weight. Doing so can lead to decreased blood sugar and A1C levels, thus improving overall glycemic control.

You should never attempt a raw food diet on your own without consulting with your doctor. It’s also not recommended that you stop taking any necessary prescription medications used to treat your diabetes, blood sugar or cholesterol without asking your physician first. It may not be right for everyone, but a raw food diet can help with weight loss, provide a boost of much-needed vitamins and minerals and lead to an overall healthier body. Of course, if going completely raw isn’t your thing, there’s always the option of adding some fresh fruits and veggies to your current diet.

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