Discover Your Destiny By Reading Fate Line On Your Palm


Discover Your Destiny By Reading Fate Line On Your Palm

The fate line lies in the middle of the palm and leads toward the middle finger. This line offers a glimpse into the effect the outside world will have upon your future success. Where this line begins on the hand, the direction it leads, where it ends, and markings along the line all denote important aspects of your fate.


Where the Line Begins

If the Fate Line begins at the Heart Line, then your success will be dependent on your love life. If it begins joined at the Life Line, it indicates a strong sense of purpose and self-determination. However, if this line begins at your wrist and joins the Life Line after that point, it can mean that you put others first. Any separation from the Life Line will show that you will regain control of your destiny. Fate lines beginning close to the thumb indicate that you have a great deal of support from family and friends. A Fate Line beginning at the base of the palm often means that you will be a public figure, while a line rising from the lunar mount shows that you can achieve success with much help from others.

Direction of the Fate Line

A Fate Line that curves toward the Mount of Jupiter is an indication of a future businessperson or politician. One curving toward the Mount of Mercury denotes success in the fields of journalism or communications.

Length of the Fate Line

Longer Fate Lines usually indicate a balanced nature and mature emotional outlook, while short lines show a creative personality.


Where the Fate Line Ends

A Fate Line that ends at the Head Line denotes finding satisfaction and contentment in family, though some Fate Lines reach beyond this line, meaning high ambitions.

Type of Fate Line

Is your Fate line straight, curved, or broken? A straight line means that you will have a steady flow of luck in your life while a curvy one shows that there will be times in your life that you will have to work very hard. Broken Fate Lines mean that there will be many situations in your life where you will not have control, but if after a break, the line continues, it could simply mean a successful career change.





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Special Markings Along the Fate Line

Special palmistry markings known as islands on your fate line mean that there will be trouble, but this trouble will dissipate when the line moves past this marking. Lines crossing the Fate Line predict that other people will come against your goals or change your fate in some way. If your fate line is very deep and red, it means that you will suffer from a great dishonor, but this is a very rare.

The Absence of a Fate Line

Some people do not have a Fate Line at all, but this is not an unfavorable sign. It simply means that you have complete control of your destiny. In fact, the absence of a Fate Line is so common that it makes it one of the most tricky to read.

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