This Remedy Works As Immunity Bomb And Improves Blood Count


This Remedy Works As Immunity Bomb And Improves Blood Count

The dietary supplement industry has done a tremendous job of conditioning health conscious people to take vitamins regularly, but their formulas often contain synthetic, lab created ingredients that cause more harm than good. The good news is that wholesome, effective “vitamins” are easily found in the produce section of the local supermarket, and they often cost less than designer health supplements. One such natural vitamin formula is said to strengthen overall immunity as well as improve blood and bone health. Here is the recipe for this immunity cocktail, the breakdown of its nutritional content and suggestions for use.

This Remedy Works As Immune Bomb And Improves Blood Count

Vitamin Rich, Immunity Bomb Recipe

Start by gathering the ingredients for this immunity booster.

200 grams of dried Black Mission figs
200 grams of Nuts (Brazil, Cashews or Almonds)
One organic lemon with peel
200 grams of dried apricots
200 grams of organic raisins
250 grams of organic, raw unfiltered honey

A blender or food processor, as well as a large mixing bowl, are needed to make the liquid vitamin tonic.
Finely grind the nuts and lemon peel in a food processor after thoroughly washing the organic lemon. Afterward, puree entire ingredients list with the exception of the honey. Stir in the organic, raw honey last and store the mixture in a sealed mason jar within the refrigerator.

Why It Works

Great health ultimately comes from a nutritionally rich diet, frequent exercise, fresh air and adequate sleep. However, many people do not get enough vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from their normal diets. Also, so many people have turned to the medical community to solve their health complaints and have made matters worse for their bodies by taking prescription medications and antibiotics that often destroy the body’s natural immune functions. The immunity bomb described above is rich in key nutrients like iron, copper, zinc and selenium that help to increase red and white blood cells that are needed for strong immunity and healthy bones and blood.

Here is the nutritional content of the natural elixir that is described above.

#1 Black Mission Figs
Figs contain high amounts of iron, magnesium, copper, calcium and zinc.  Black Mission figs are known to have the highest amounts of nutrients than any other type of figs.

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#2 Nuts (Brazil, Cashews, and Almonds)
All three of these nuts are high in zinc and selenium which are essential for immunity.

#3 Organic Lemon
Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C and folate that bolster the body’s immune system against viruses and harmful bacteria. The fruit also contains phytonutrients called flavonol glycosides that reportedly has anti-cancer properties.

#4 Dried Apricots
Apricots are high in the antioxidant vitamin A that helps support strong immune functions as well as healthy teeth and bones. The fruit also contains significant amounts of potassium that helps to improve blood pressure.

#5 Organic Raisins
Raisins contain significant amounts of iron, copper and B-vitamins that help to fight anemia and create new red blood cells. Antioxidants known as catechins are also present in raisins, and they help to diminish the proliferation of cancer cells through the body’s natural immune responses.

#6 Organic, Raw Unfiltered Honey
Raw honey contains all types of phytonutrients from the flowers and fruit trees from which it is made. These substances trigger an effective immune response within the human body in the form of cytokines that have anti-tumor properties. Honey also contains natural prebiotics that feed the good bacteria in the body.

How to Use

It is recommended that people take one tablespoon of the vitamin supplement with their meals. Although the vitamin cocktail is packed with nutrition, it is also quite high in natural sugar that can impact those with blood sugar sensitivities. The fiber in one’s regular meals should help the body to absorb the sugars more slowly and limit the negative impacts of sugar.


People do not have to rely on vitamin supplement manufacturers for their nutritional insurance. The right types of whole, minimally processed foods are the key to remaining healthy and strong.

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