Woman Refuses Chemo, Radiation & Double Mastectomy – Says She Heals Breast Cancer Naturally


Woman Refuses Chemo, Radiation & Double Mastectomy – Says She Heals Breast Cancer Naturally

American Cancer Society has estimated that there will be a staggering 1 658 370 cancer diagnosis of infection and whooping 589 430 approximated deaths from the disease in 2015 and that’s just in the U.S alone. The numbers on their own are quite daunting considering that there has been a rapid increase in cancer diagnosis in Africa and other continents as well.

Breast cancer awareness is key, so is finding natural remedies that help curb the disease. Breast cancer is said to infect the breast through formation or growth of cancerous cells (malignant tumor) even though it affects both women and men, it is more prevalent in women. Studies have shown that cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. There have been speculations as to what causes breast cancer but not actual answers however doctors have identified risk factors that could enhance chances of one being infected. These include exposing oneself to fumes from jikos/stoves, smoking cigarettes and ingesting large amounts of tobacco. Breast cancer can be cured in its early stages through doctors’ treatment and use of natural remedies therefore it is important that women regularly conduct self-checks and visit the doctor’s office for scanning or for a mammogram.

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Dr Yeshi Dondhen focuses on treating his patients with herbal therapy and has become popular for proving Tibetan herbal medicines as non-toxic and helpful in the fight against ailments such as cancer, AIDS and other life threatening diseases
According to Jim Valvano Cancer can take away his physical abilities but it cannot touch his heart, mind and soul. This goes to show that combining doctors treatments, natural remedies and a whole lot of positivity can go a long way in beating cancer not forgetting creating awareness amongst ourselves and others.


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