Why Use Natural Soap – Your Skin Will Notice the Difference


Why Use Natural Soap – Your Skin Will Notice the Difference

The first step into having healthy skin is switching to daily use of natural soap, and this is only because of one thing: glycerin. Glycerin occurs when the lye interacts with the oils/fats.

Natural Soap

There cannot be on more studies done on this topic that won´t tell you the inevitable: commercial soaps aren´t any but a chemical cocktail, falling into the category of detergent that end up warming your skin`s health. If you pay attention, you will notice that at the soap shelf at the supermarket most of the product won´t even say soap, they might say other things such as as body bar or so, but they are not called soap for a reason. Most of, if not all, contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which can harm your skin and can also be the number one reason for excema, psoriasis and acne, and the worst of all could be that they take away almost, if not all, the natural glycerin it should have in order to moisture your skin.


All soaps must undergo a process called saponification which combines oils or fats with sodium hydroxide, giving for a result, a substance considered a salt of a fatty acid. Handmade soap, if done consciously and with high quality ingredients that come from Earth can be very beneficial to each type of skin, since they do not contain any fillers, neither animals nor any derived products. There are two methods that can be done after the saponification process, one that includes heat and one that does not, the “cold process”, which is known as the best method to produce high quality handmade soap.

When olive or coconut oil used, the process becomes very gentle, therefore it will produce an abundance of mild, creamy moisturizing lather that will absolutely nourish your skin, specially, due to the natural glycerin that it contains and retains, which draws water into the skin making it very humectant.

Due to the new wave a consciousness that has emerge from lately into the business scenario, there are many places where natural handmade soap can be found, nether the less, it is advised to always read the labels, since there are many product that might want to hide other intentions. There are also many small business and with social media you can contact the suppliers directly.

Another big plus handmade soaps have is the high ph level. It can measure between of 8 to 10 in the ph scale, since, differently from what it was known, soups ph should be higher than the human skin ph, which is at 5.5 in the ph scale. Human skin is actually a bit acidic in order to kill any bacteria or fungi that comes in contact with it, therefore handmade soaps, without harmful ingredients, are its best choice to rebalance the wellbeing of the skin.

When buying soap make sure you are getting the most natural product possible, the best is certified organic oils and plant derivatives, and your skin will start shinning differently in gratitude.

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