This 20-Year-Old Trying to Fight Her Third Cancer Through Her Immune System


This 20-Year-Old Trying to Fight Her Third Cancer Through Her Immune System

It is a tragedy when anyone has to fight cancer, especially a child or teenager. For Jessica Olson, from Menai Australia, fighting cancer has become a part of daily life over the last five years. She is fighting her third cancer and she is doing it her way.


Daily Mail recently published an article about Jessica’s plight. You see Jessica was diagnosed with Stage II Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 15. She went through treatment and was given the all clear several months later.


Do Not Stop Fighting When The Going Gets Tough

Four years after the good news, while a university student, Jessica had a second lump appear. After having it misdiagnosed at first, Jessica underwent major surgery to remove the Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma, a rare form of cancer in the saliva gland.

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After the surgery, Jessica completed another 28 doses of radiation treatment and thought that modern science had once again ridden her body of cancer. However, just a few short weeks later Jessica found a third lump in the same spot as the second, cancer had returned.

Deciding To Part Ways With Modern Medicine


While Jessica underwent the normally prescribed modern treatments for her cancer, the miracles of modern science could not beat this foe. With the third round of cancer started, Jessica received a poor prognosis, with about a 30 percent chance of survival.

Not satisfied with this prognosis, Jessica decided she would not continue down the same road she had taken over the course of the previous few years, but was going to pursue an alternative form of treatment. She decided to change her lifestyle and took on a Chinese herbal remedy instead, wanting to support her immune system to rid her body of this disease.

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The stories of individuals who are seeking alternative treatments to cancer are continuing to grow, although a statistic is not available of how many people actually seek these options.

Why is it that people like the late Dr. William D. Kelley could effectively cure 90 percent of patients, while those who seek modern medical treatments see about a 75 percent at the top end?

Follow The Money

When you actually cure cancer and do so with food, herbs, and natural treatments, there is no longer a need for the continued care of cancer patients due to recurrence. Rather, we would see healthier people who live longer.

Unfortunately, cancer treatment grosses over $125 billion every year, making it a very lucrative, if sadistic, industry. Further, the medical industry further profits from cancer patients who have major side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. This is a highly profitable industry that shows no sign of slowing, or changing course anytime soon.

What You Do To Help

By being better educating on the options, and not blindly following the advice of doctors without explanation or question, you can start to make a difference. For-profit, companies listen when consumers speak with their pocketbook, and make no mistake that cancer patients are certainly consumers. When more people start speaking with their pocketbooks and refuse to follow a treatment plan, doctors and pharmaceutical companies will begin to take notice and start changing paths.

For the short term, help support Jessica in her recovery from her third cancer. By seeking alternative treatments, she has dismissed any health coverage she may have had to fight cancer, and alternative treatments are very expensive to pay for out of pocket. A GoFundMe page has been established for her benefit. The initial goal was $20,000 and was achieved within 24 hours. A secondary goal of $40,000 has also been surpassed in under a month.

No matter what your health condition, educate yourself, and never accept a prognosis with which you are not willing to live.

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