This Mother Put Her Child To Bed With An Onion, Here Is Why


This Mother Put Her Child To Bed With An Onion, Here Is Why

When you think of onions, your first instinct is probably to view them as something to put on a cheeseburger. Did you know, though, that onions have a long and storied history as a homeopathic remedy? It’s true! Onions have been used as a natural cure for everything from bee stings to the build-up of excess ear wax for hundreds if not thousands of years. In a world where we increasingly scorn anything that doesn’t come with a physician’s prescription, such a notion might seem odd, but ask your grandparents and see what they say. The chances are good that if they grew up in the countryside, they probably fell asleep at least a few times with the scent of onions filling their nostrils. What’s more, many people still swear by such cures today. To learn more about the fascinating medical uses of this humble little plant, just keep reading!


It’s an established fact that when we’re sick, our moms are the first person we turn to, no matter how old we might be. Of course, it might seem a little weird if she sends you to bed with an onion poultice instead of Netflix and chicken soup, but don’t worry, she’s got her reasons! Here’s just a small sample of the maladies and misfortunes onions can help you conquer:

  • Various bites and stings, most notably bee stings
  •  Ear infections, ear aches, the build-up of excess earwax, dizziness arising from any of the above, and similar ear conditions
  • Colds & allergies and their related symptoms (a cough, congestion, and so forth)
  • Bladder infections and related urinary issues
  •  Croup
  • Inflammation (onions are particularly useful in reducing glandular swelling)

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As you can see, there’s more than one good reason why moms should put their children to bed with an onion when they’re feeling unwell!

The Health Benefits of the Onion

In addition to the simple delivery of several vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you can get simply by eating the various parts of onions on sandwiches, in salads and soups, and as part of a million other dishes, onions have many medical benefits. For example, their skins contain extremely high concentrations of a beneficial flavonol known as Quercetin (2, 4). In addition to its well-known anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, this compound also exhibits allergy-fighting properties and, according to some researchers, the possible ability to ward off cancer. Onions also act as a stimulant once they enter your body, giving you a nice boost of energy and well-being when you need it most – who doesn’t need a pick me up when they’re sick? – and calming aching throats and ears through membranous stabilization. Finally, its expectorant action helps break up the mucus that causes and enables stubborn coughs.

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Practical Applications of the Onion in Homeopathic Healthcare

It’s all well and good to say that the onion is medicine’s unsung miracle bulb, but what good is all that praise if you don’t know how to use it when you need it? Below, you’ll find several ways in which you can prepare the onion for use as a remedy for what ails you:

  •  An onion press applied to the skin will calm and relieve most cases of chest congestion arising from colds, allergies, croup, and so on.
  • A nice, hot bowl of French onion soup will not only keep you toasty during the winter, it also works wonders on bladder infections!
  •  A slice of onion on a bee sting will soothe the pain and draw the stinger out, setting you right as rain in no time.
  •  Do you suffer from boils? Can’t stand the smell of garlic? Suffer no more! Onion poultices are a fantastic remedy for the pain and embarrassment of boils.
  •  A few drops (or a cycle of administrations depending upon the severity of the condition) of onion juice dropped into the ear will calm most common ear aches and ear infections.
  • A mixture of onion, boiling water, and honey will soothe a throat ravaged by coughing fits – and it’ll help kick a cough, too!
  •  Dice a slice of raw onion and eat it with a couple pieces of bread. It doesn’t sound pleasant, but if you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD, the relief it brings will have you jumping for joy.

Advisories / Potential Contraindications

If there’s a fallback to this treatment, it’s that the compounds in onions are extremely quick-acting. They work, and work well, but you’re going to have to apply them often. That means you’ll have to be extra diligent in your care plan, which is no fun at all if you’re the one who’s sick. It also means you’re going to go through a lot of onions, so don’t be surprised if you cry a little!

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