I Tried CBD Oil and This Was My Experience


I Tried CBD Oil and This Was My Experience

CBD Oil or Cannabidiol Oil is marketed mostly as an anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory product in the cannabis industry. My lifestyle, being overwhelmingly busy, has recently produced a lot of anxiety, chronic pain, and migraines — all three a constant visitor to my physical and mental self. I was tired from trying various alternative approaches, such as therapies and medication to get relief and unwind myself from the stresses of anxiety. For awhile my mind had been keen on trying CBD Oil, though I was skeptical as I constantly thought of the effects of weed and its famous psychoactive “high.”

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I browsed through various studies until it seemed pretty clear and obvious that THC, not CBD, was responsible for the so-called “high” effect. Instead of activating neurotransmitters to promote a psychoactive response, CBD actually represses our nervous system from arousal, and thus helps people to relax and unwind from various forms of stress and anxiety. One day, after a grave panic attack and dealing with severe bouts of anxiety, I, was finally inspired to test out CBD Oil. Here is my experience with it:

CBD Oil: My First Opinion

The severe bouts of anxiety and stress always created trouble for me whenever I tried to sleep, and I had to spend several sleepless nights because of that. Since CBD Oil was considered an effective sleep-aid due to its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects, I took the required dosage as per the instructions, and patiently waited for a while.

About 20-30 minutes later, when I was in my bed, I was astonished that I was actually drifting off to sleep instead of fighting every perceivable battle which I had with my mental self. I could sense that my heart was thumping normally against my chest, and my mind stopped wandering to unnecessary anxiety-causing thoughts. I relaxed completely both physically and mentally, and finally went to sleep.

The very next morning, I was actually more energetic and mentally active than ever before, and I knew that there had undoubtedly been no psychoactive or “high” effects. My first experience motivated me to use CBD Oil further for a whole week, and the following was the outcome:

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I Got More Focused

Particularly due to the over-stressful work routine, I was losing focus and concentration at my work, and thereby becoming less productive and more irritable.

However, within the first week of using CBD Oil, I was actually less anxious and could focus on my work-related tasks more clearly and efficiently. Also, being able to complete my work-related tasks well within time gave me a huge mental boost that further prevailed a sense of happiness in my mind. I was less irritable, and my colleagues were surprised to see a rapid change in my overall behavior and persona.

I No Longer Remained an Insomniac

The trouble of not getting sleep at night was completely eradicated from my life. The newfound sense of relaxation and breaking-free from stress and anxiety helped me to drift off to sleep even better than a normal person, I can honestly say.

As a result of finally getting proper and quality sleep every night, I was able to stay at the top of my energy levels and be active throughout the day.

No More Chronic Pains

In addition to my stress and anxiety, it seemed that every other day one of my body parts was under the influx of chronic physical pain, which actually doubled my anxiety. Within the first week of using CBD oil however, I was surprised to find that the physical pain with which I had to deal with every single day was gone.

I attribute this to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD Oil, and moreover, since I was getting the proper amount of sleep at night, my body had enough time to undertake the natural repair and rejuvenation process.

CBD Oil: My Conclusion

I would say that CBD Oil has got a great potential to change anybody’s life who is suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and stress. I know you might think that such opinion might not be valid after just a week of use, as any kind of treatment or supplement takes time to kick in. But the initial steps hold great importance for the entire journey.

So, I can confidently say after considering my initial experience, that I will continue to use CBD Oil. It is an all-natural treatment which instills a sense of comfort and confidence — I definitely stand with CBD Oil.


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