Terrified Virgin Bride Hits Her Husband with a Wine Bottle After Seeing His Manhood for the First Time


Terrified Virgin Bride Hits Her Husband with a Wine Bottle After Seeing His Manhood for the First Time

Our parents always lectured us on waiting to do the “deed” until after marriage. In fact, an amazing three percent of the American population has followed the advice of their parents. That is right! Ten million Americans have waited, found love, waited again, got married, then did the “deed” for the very first time in their lives. However, the question remains, “Is waiting for marriage always a good idea?” Let’s look at a unique story that may just change your mind about this specific “waiting period.”


The Story
When two people, whether unmarried or married, are exposed to each other for the first time, it is obvious that they are being introduced to the physical features of one another’s “secret parts” for the very first time, right! Well, there is a chance that the virgin bride may not be satisfied with her male partner’s “parts” and vise verse.

That is exactly what happened to Mnombo Madyibi, a newlywed groom who was physically assaulted on his honeymoon by his new virgin bride after revealing his “parts” to her for the first time. Madyibi explained that his wife found pleasure in the caressing but went ballistic once she saw his “hairy, scary cucumber,” as she described it. After bashing him with a bottle of wine, she then made an effort to suffocate him with a teddy bear that he bought her as a gift. The honeymoon domestic issue ended with the newly wed couple resolving in seeing a marriage counselor instead of getting the police involved.

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Is it Really Worth Waiting?
Madyibi’s story is extremely common in married couples who wait for marriage. His experience is an extreme eye-opener for the “Wait for marriage” discussion. So is it really worth waiting? Let’s take two people who are not married as an example. If they are not pleased by the other person’s “parts,” they find it easier to walk away. On the other hand, waiting to see your partner’s “treasured area” for marriage eliminates the chance of you quickly getting away if you are not content, as in Madyibi’s wife’s case. Instead of Madyibi’s wife bailing out of the relationship, they are resorting to counseling instead.

Benefits of Not Waiting For Marriage
According to statistics, fifty-six percent of all adults claim to be disappointed about this part of their lives, and guess what! These unsatisfied individuals stay in the relationship for one main reason they are married, which may explain another sad statistic that twenty-two percent of people internationally have had secret affairs.

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On the other hand, there is an ally to the “waiting game.” In a particular study, it was revealed that abstinence before marriage makes “it” better after marriage. In the study, it was found that 2,035 married couples who were married for less than six months to twenty years claimed that the “wait for after marriage” made their “doing the deed” life much better. The wait for after marriage actually made it more satisfying for them.

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