Yoga a Day Keeps the Back Pain Away


Yoga a Day Keeps the Back Pain Away

Yoga is a common practice that incorporates breathing exercises with a series of different poses. Meant to help the body relax and reduce stress, yoga can be just as beneficial physically. Because the various postures strengthen the body, the poses are also an excellent exercise for those who suffer from back pain.

Physical Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Back pain can affect over 70 million people alone in the United States. It’s also a predominant reason patients see their physician because of the discomfort. If you’ve suffered from back pain caused by an accident, injury, arthritis or some other ailment, you may be looking for alternative long-term resolutions for your painful affliction. But with the strength discovered by holding each of the positions, you’ll be able to focus on certain muscles in the body. Yoga postures are never supposed to be uncomfortable or painful. With the proper concentration, focus, and the ability to listen to your body, you’ll be able to build strong abdominal and back muscles. As the muscles are conditioned properly, you’ll be able to reduce or avoid your back pain significantly.

Stretching and Relaxation

If you suffer from back pain, symptoms can vary from moderate to severe. It can also vary from the upper, middle and lower regions of the back. According to the, Back Pain Centers of America, “If you experience pain during a stretch, don’t overextend yourself. It’s okay to stop. These exercises are not meant to make athletes out of the injured. A gentle stretch is all you need to start experiencing some of the benefits of the poses. You’ll need a yoga or exercise mat for these exercises .”

While speaking with a specialist can put you on the road to recovery, there are certain measures you can take to lessen or prevent your back pain. Quitting smoking and maintaining a proper body weight are just a few easy steps. You can also practice regular stretching and relaxation techniques through yoga as a preventative measure. Because you’re incorporating relaxing movements with the stretching exercises, you’ll be able to reduce stress and tension in the muscles of your body. Poses are typically held between 10 and 60 seconds. While some muscles are in the flex position, others promote stretching. If you have back pain, stretching is a key component to reducing pain. Yoga also boosts the body’s blood flow that balances your nutrients and flushes out toxins.

Master the Art of Breathing

Although many think that the yoga poses are the sole key component to reducing back pain, breathing is just as crucial to the movements. The rhythmic and deep breathing techniques through the nose during the inhale and exhale process encourages the body to relax and unwind. Mastering the art of breathing also can improve circulation throughout the body. Instead of quickly releasing the air inside your lungs, slow the pattern and extend it by counting to five slowly.

Balance, Posture and Aligning the Body with Yoga

Based on certain studies, yoga not only allows posers to reduce their back pain, it can also be done in a faster amount of time over other exercise methods. Because yoga takes into account proper alignment, posture and balance, you can improve your strength immediately. Yoga participants also experienced improvements with fatigue, energy and depression. Unlike other movements, yoga can boost the body’s strength equally to both sides. When your body is aligned properly, you’ll be able to maintain the spine’s natural curvature.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice the art of yoga, the better aware your body will be to its limits. Although you may not have time for a full class each day, getting in the habit of incorporating the movements at home regularly allows your body to become more limber. The daily stretching movements also allow you to perfect the various poses. Downward facing dog, child’s pose, triangle, pigeon, cat and upward forward bend are just a few of the most helpful poses to ease back pain.

Numerous studies have shown the healing power of yoga on your back pain. Whether it’s the strength, flexibility or breathing techniques that prove most beneficial, the simple movements can help patients manage symptoms instead of relying on medication.

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