Kate Middleton doesn’t let her children play with this controversial toy; Experts reveal if this dramatic choice is healthy


Kate Middleton doesn’t let her children play with this controversial toy; Experts reveal if this dramatic choice is healthy

Kate Middleton has issued every mother one more high standard which they can freely admirer or criticize. In reference to the Us Weekly, Prince William and The Duchess don’t allow their kids to play with this controversial toy (iPads) at home.

A source told the Us Weekly that the two were brought up without the entertainment gadgets, and both are firm believers in outdoor play, believers in toys, and encouraging an active imagination.

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Children’s Fun Options

According to the source, George likes riding his bike with his dad. On the other hand, Charlotte likes playing Disney Princess; despite the fact that she doesn’t know she is a princess.

However, the question is whether this standard is realistic or healthy. Let us look at the recommended options by the America Academy of Pediatrics:

Unplugged Time Should Be Prioritized 

Health experts have not yet dug deeper to find out the negative effects of screen time. According to Laura Sanders, Science News writer, scientists are only scratching the surface to find out how the screen time can influence the growth of body and brain. Sanders said there are two recent studies suggesting how the answers are hard to get. However, Sanders hint that the answer could be very important.

Most people are aware of the fact that unplugged creative play is paramount for developing children. The only problem linked with screen time is that it reduces time for physical activities and learning, which are essential when dealing with real humans, one on one.

Keep Screens Away from Kids Under 18 Months

Although occasional video-chatting may be an option, you should prevent kids below 18 months from accessing the screens.

Make Screens as a tool rather than only for entertainment

We are in a digital era and it is not too early to introduce your kids to screens. Nevertheless, you are supposed to make it a tool for learning. Some of these electronic devices with screens are fitted with high-quality and advanced online programs that can be used to teach your kids. You should, therefore, stop wasting electronic time on gadgets that are not helping your kids to learn or develop.

Design A Media-Free Room

You can select a specific area, like your kid’s bedroom or on a specific time, such as dinner. This rule should be observed by every member in your family. This will ensure that they won’t have access to electronic gadgets all the time, particularly when bonding with your family.

Understand when screen time is too much

Kids aged between 2 and 5 years should not be allowed to stay in front of screens for more than one hour in a day. It might be challenging to switch off the screen when your kids are in the middle of an engaging scene, but they will come to thank you later for it.

According to the AAP, you should pay close attention to what your children are watching or playing during this hour.

So, the royals have taken it to the extreme. Experts say it is healthy.

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