3 Ways Your Love Life Affects Your Paycheck


3 Ways Your Love Life Affects Your Paycheck

There’s a big reason why being able to separate your work life from your personal life is one of the biggest determining factors of success. Not only can a toxic relationship ruin your health, it can ruin your paycheck as well. Here are some ways your love life can affect your paycheck.

3 Ways Your Love Life Affects Your Paycheck

Problems in Your Love Life Cause Problems at Work

A toxic relationship floods your body with stress hormones, and this makes you more sensitive to stressful situations. If you had a fight with your significant other before going to work, then your negativity is likely to affect your first conversations for that day. This can be especially destructive if it is an important day at work.

If this becomes a habit, then your boss is sure to take notice. Maybe it won’t directly lead to you getting fired, but it also won’t put you on track for advancement.

Problems in Your Love Life Drain Your Energy

Having a fight with your significant other gives your body a rush of adrenaline, and the body’s natural response after the threat is gone is to go back to normal levels, which causes a “crash”. A morning fight with your significant other can make you tired for the rest of the day, and your productivity will suffer as a consequence. At best your boss doesn’t notice, and at worst you’ll be unemployed if you don’t address the issue.

Severe problems in your love life can cause a prolonged depression. These are the cases where one’s love life can severely affect their paycheck, as depression can render some people bed-ridden. These people often quit or behave in a way to get themselves fired, even though they know they need that paycheck to survive. This is a medical condition that is beyond the typical relationship heartbreak and should involve treatment with a trained medical professional.

Problems in Your Love Life can Alter Your Perception of Your Co-Workers

This is an issue that happens equally in both sexes. After a bad relationship or string of relationships, the person adopts the idea that all members of the opposite sex behave in this manner. This can cause the person to take out pain from the relationship that is still lingering in their subconscious out on their co-workers who are of the opposite sex. This is particularly damaging to your paycheck if your superiors are of the opposite sex. It can cause you to misinterpret constructive criticism as a personal attack, which will put a huge dent in your performance.

These are just a few ways a toxic love life can affect your physical and mental health, and how this has a negative impact on your paycheck.

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