See What Happens When A Normal Guy Attempted The Rock’s Daily Diet


See What Happens When A Normal Guy Attempted The Rock’s Daily Diet

Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is celebrated the world over for his tough, in shape physique. His strength and fitness doesn’t come without effort, however. The Rock’s diet is actually rather unconventional. He consumes nearly three pounds of fish (cod, to be specific) on a daily basis. His daily food intake weighs in at 10 pounds total, as well. His menu consists not only of fish, but also of foods such as oatmeal, whole eggs, vegetables, omelets, sweet potato, baked potato, white rice and spinach salad.

See What Happens When A Normal Guy Attempted The Rock’s Daily Diet



The Rock’s daily is beneficial for people who need a lot of energy, strength and stamina. Athletes such as bodybuilders could likely benefit from eating like him. The Rock has to take in a significant amount of calories each day to keep up his body. He also needs to eat a lot of calories in order to be able to give optimal performances. The Rock eats more than 5,000 calories every day. The typical forty-something American male in the United States eats a lot less than that. Average American men from The Rock’s general age group usually take in 2,734 calories per day.

Although The Rock’s diet might work well for his athletic lifestyle, it’s probably not a good fit for others. Sean Evans learned that the hard way. The writer attempted to eat like The Rock only to experience disastrous results. He couldn’t stop vomiting all day, for one. Evans wasn’t even able to eat the required number of meals. Although The Rock puts away seven meals a day, Evans wasn’t able to manage the sixth one. Despite Evans’ valiant attempt to eat like a champ, the situation simply didn’t work out for him. He even kept exercising throughout the day to free up some valuable space inside of his poor stomach. Evans’ day-to-day lifestyle is no match for The Rock’s, however. He consumes a diet that’s mostly made up of Chipotle, a popular Mexican fast food restaurant.

People who want tons of muscles might do well on The Rock’s diet. It’s important for them to note, however, that looking like The Rock also requires a lot of weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise.

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