This Texas Woman Became Weight Loss Sensation After Losing 160 Pounds!


This Texas Woman Became Weight Loss Sensation After Losing 160 Pounds!

When it comes to losing weight, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of diet pills, creams, patches, risky surgeries, and other “quick fix” products that promise immediate results with minimal effort. Although it’s nice to imagine a world where everything, including extra pounds, can be remedied by simply uncovering that one “magic” product or procedure, a Texas resident, Teena Henson, discovered that the only healthy recipe for success is hard work and a radically-nutritious diet. A determined Teena successfully shed 160 pounds from her starting weight of 332. By accomplishing this feat, she has enjoyed better health and overall quality of life.

How did this diligent individual drop so many pounds? He secret is steeped in basic principles of healthy living that each of us should follow, regardless of how healthy and fit we think we are. For starters, Teena eliminated all processed foods. This step alone is pivotal since processed foods are loaded with sugar and chemicals and are highly addictive. Their addictive nature is evident when you try to eat a handful of potato chips or a single cookie. It’s so hard to stop at reasonable portion sizes when it comes to these types of foods because they are steeped in those ingredients that tease our taste buds but do little to satisfy hunger. Teena enjoyed whole foods, instead, which kept her appetite under control.


Teena also avoided fried foods, which are high in fat and calories. According to clinical studies, fried foods can encourage weight gain in people predisposed to weight issues, so eliminating them from your diet is a no-brainer if you’re seeking to drop some pounds in record time. Perhaps Teena’s wisest dietary modification was her decision to ban soda from her diet. According to reports, it is imperative for dieters to ditch soda from their diets in order to lose weight rapidly. Indeed, all soda, (even diet soda) triggers both cravings and hunger, compliments of sugar and pesky sweeteners.

Finally, Teena increased her activity levels by walking regularly. Best of all, Teena boasts an incredible outlook on her weight loss journey. She stresses the importance of personal accountability and adopting a positive attitude toward losing weight as a whole. For Teena, healthy weight loss involves an entire change in one’s lifestyle that replaces unhealthy habits with healthy ones. By doing so, she successfully met her goal and has adopted a lifestyle that she can enjoy for the rest of her life.

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