A Common Item Gives This Woman Horrible Skin Infection, Requires Her To Undergo Surgery


A Common Item Gives This Woman Horrible Skin Infection, Requires Her To Undergo Surgery

Audree Kopp is like most other women around the world in one particular aspect: she wears hair ties on her wrist to keep them within easy reach when she needs them. During a recent move to a new home, she noticed a small bump under the glittery hair tie she wears around her wrist.

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So she went to the doctor, thinking it was a spider bite. Her doctor told her it was no big deal and prescribed her antibiotics. However, over the course of only a few days more, she noticed the bump was getting larger and more painful. The antibiotics were not doing anything to help her.

Being a smart woman, Kopp visited the Norton Healthcare’s emergency room. The doctor who saw her – a Dr. Amit Gupta – told her that she needed emergency surgery. Gupta drained the fluids in the large bump and finally revealed what was making her wrist have such a large bump.

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Bacteria had caused the fluid to build up in that bump and become painful. However, the cause of the infection will surprise everyone. The glittery hair tie that Kopp wore on her wrist had scratched her arm and allowed bacteria to penetrate.

Gupta now warns that any woman who wears hair ties on their wrists should wash them when they’re washing their hands after using the restroom.

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