After Reading This You Will Want to Freeze All Your Lemons!


After Reading This You Will Want to Freeze All Your Lemons!

You probably already know that drinking lemon water aids in digestion, cleanses your system, and improves your immune system. However, did you also know that lemons can prevent and cure cancer?

Lemons contain phytochemicals called limonoids, natural compounds that are hugely beneficial to our bodies. A specific limonoid called limonin has been shown to reduce cholesterol and heart disease. Even more so, 11 different limonoids found in lemons were able to prevent the growth of breast cancer cells. In fact, this natural lemon treatment has been shown to be 10,000 times more effective than traditional chemotherapy.

After Reading This You Will Want to Freeze All Your Lemons

However, limonoids are found mostly within the peel of the lemon, containing upwards of 10 times the amount of vitamins and limonoids than the juice alone. When you place a lemon in your glass of water, you are not absorbing all of the possible limonoids that you could be. Instead, do yourself a favor and freeze the slices of lemon – it may just save your life!

First, wash organic lemons. Then, cut them or leave them whole, depending on your preference. Finally, place the lemons in a freezer bag and freeze for later. Using this method of preservation, the lemons can be stored for months at a time, allowing you to have fresh, healthy lemons whenever you need them.

When you are ready to use the lemons, simply take one out and grate it – with the peel and all – into your drink, onto your salad, ice cream, soup, or more. Now, instead of just having lemon flavored water, you will have water that is completely infused with all of the natural health benefits of limonoids, too!

These anti-carcinogenic and anti-microbial effects can completely detox the body, not just cancer. It can target bacterial and fungal infections, parasites, and worms as well as lower your blood pressure and act as a natural defense against depression!

While traditional chemotherapy kills cancer cells as well as your healthy cells, limonoids only target cancerous cells, cleansing your body without any of the terrible side effects.

Simply put, there is no reason to not be freezing your lemons! Not only can you enjoy delicious food and flavored water, but you will feel healthier knowing that you are naturally helping to prevent breast cancer, high blood pressure, depression, and infections. It may just save your life!

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