What Her Doctor Discovered About Her “Bad Periods” Changed Her Life


What Her Doctor Discovered About Her “Bad Periods” Changed Her Life

When Kathryn Perrott went to her doctor for debilitating stomach pain and heavy periods, she was often brushed off as overreacting. For years, people dismissed her complaints of severe menstrual cramps were dismissed by doctors, friends, and even family. Her father would send her off to school doubled over in pain, never understanding the full extent of what she was suffering.

Periods Changed Her Life


Despite the fact that approximately 10 percent of women worldwide suffer from endometriosis, it is widely unspoken about. Many doctors aren’t fully aware of the symptoms or treatment options available for the disease despite its prevalence.
So what is endometriosis? The disease occurs when the uterine lining begins to grow on the outside of the uterus, sometimes covering the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and pelvic side wall. It may also cover the bladder and bowel, and in extremely rare cases has been found on the lungs and brain.
This extra lining causes severe pelvic pain and heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding. In more serious cases, it can cause scarring and irritation which may lead to infertility in women.

The first and most prominent symptom is extreme cramping during menstruation. Additional symptoms include:
Painful intercourse
Heavy or excessive menstrual bleeding
Lower back pain, which may occur during any time during your cycle
Abnormal bleeding between periods
Extreme bloating

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Stages of Endometriosis

What Her Doctor Discovered About Her Periods Changed Her Life

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