A Mom Was Shocked When She Noticed Black Dots In Her Baby’s Nose. Now She Warns All Parents


A Mom Was Shocked When She Noticed Black Dots In Her Baby’s Nose. Now She Warns All Parents

The comforting fragrance of a scented candle can calm and relax you, but most people aren’t aware of the serious health risk scented candles pose. Besides the fire risk, scented candles can release harmful chemicals into your home. After lighting a candle with an artificial scent, abnormal chemicals are spread throughout the air. Sooner or later you will end up breathing in some of these harmful chemicals. Phthalates is a class of chemicals commonly found in scented candles. These chemicals are recognized as hazardous to your health, and can cause allergic reactions, problems with the immune system, the reproductive system, and the central nervous system. While most scented candles have these chemicals, they are sometimes unlisted in the case of them being a trade secret.


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Some scented candles are made with metal-core wicks, which are preferred over cotton and paper wicks for their stability, making them less likely to fall over into the wax. Besides that, metal-core wicks have been shown to contain lead in them. Once burned, the lead spreads into the air, and can cause lead poisoning, which is linked to brain damage, organ damage, and impaired learning.

Be careful when shopping for scented candles, as many of them may contain hazardous chemicals and materials. The safest scented candles are those made with organic all-natural beeswax, scented with only essential oils from safe botanical sources.

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