Watch What This Cold Shower Challenge Did For Her Health


Watch What This Cold Shower Challenge Did For Her Health

Cold Showers

When most people think of taking a cold shower, they imagine that it is a very unpleasant experience. Ian Fleming’s famous character, James Bond, took a cold shower every day, and many celebrities take a daily plunge into a cold shower as well. There are quite a few benefits to taking cold showers on a regular basis, and improvements can be seen in skin, hair, stress levels, and even weight management!


The Body’s Response

As soon as you step into a cold shower, the capillaries at the surface of your skin dilate, and blood flows from your core in order to keep your extremities warm. This enhances blood flow and cleanses the blood. Likewise, the shock of the cold water causes you to begin to breathe more deeply and your heart rate will increase. All of these reactions will result in a burst of energy that will last the entire day.

Better Skin and Hair

Hot water washes away protective oils on your hair and skins, drying the skin and opening hair follicles. This leads to flaky skin and frizzy hair. After taking a cold shower for a few days, you will notice that your pores appear smaller and your hair may seem shinier, too.

Pain Relief

Cold water is effective at relieving and preventing muscle pain after a workout. Many athletes take cold showers or baths for this reason. Russian bodybuilders often take cold showers before and after workouts to enhance muscle stamina.

Weight Loss

Every person has both brown and white fat. White fat accumulates and is responsible for weight gain. Brown fat is the “good” fat that helps us stay warm when it is cold outside. Cold showers activate this brown fat, and a study from the Joslin Diabetes Center has shown that taking a cold shower every day for a year can result in up to a nine-pound weight loss.

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Reduce Stress Levels, Prevent Disease, and Live Longer

Taking frequent cold showers can also reduce stress and disease. Cold showers relieve the symptoms associated with depression since the shock of the cold water has such a stimulating effect on the brain. In fact, taking a cold shower is nearly equal to an electroshock therapy administered to the sensory cortex. Needless to say, standing in a cold shower increases willpower. This can have a positive effect on those suffering from impulse control disorders. Those who take cold showers on a regular basis increases the antioxidant glutathione, which is a sort of “boss” to other antioxidants and keeps them working at optimum levels to reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. Taking cold showers has even been shown to increase male fertility! There is even some debate that taking regular cold showers can even help you live longer.

Good For Your Wallet and the Environment

Another benefit is a lower electric bill since you are not using so much electricity to heat the water. Since your shower time will be greatly reduced, you will be conserving water as well.

Yogis and Actresses

Kundalini yoga practices call the practice of taking cold showers the “Ishaan.” Those practicing this art often take cold showers very early in the morning. The New York Times once reported that the famous actress Kathrine Hepburn took cold showers every day, encouraged others to do so, and attributed the practice to her nearly inexhaustible energy level.

The Two-Week Cold Shower Challenge

In this article titled “The 2-Week Cold Shower Challenge And What It Did For My Health: Is Hydrotherapy The Water Cure?” Lizette Borreli takes a two-week cold shower challenge and records her experiences. She lauds the positive changes to her hair and skin, describes her new energy levels, and explains how cold showers enhanced her workouts.


If you can handle the shock to your system, taking frequent cold showers can make your skin and hair look great and improve your mood. For those suffering from depression, this practice can lessen symptoms. Many famous athletes and celebrities swear by cold showers for their successes. If you choose to take the icy plunge, make sure to keep your showers short to avoid a change in core body temperature, and talk to your doctor before beginning any extreme health regimen.

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