Watch What This Dermatologist Is Pulling Out of Her Upper Lip


Watch What This Dermatologist Is Pulling Out of Her Upper Lip

For most, pimples and blackheads are a simple fact of life. Once puberty gets a hold of your pores, acne occupies your face and other oil-prone areas of the body for years to come. While these blemishes are unpleasant, many find the process of popping them to be extremely satisfying. For dermatologist and surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee, pimple popping is her life’s work.

Upper Lip

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In this video, Dr. Lee is seen making a small incision to a patient’s upper lip. After poking and prodding the affected area, a pebble-sized blackhead makes a speedy exit. Unlike your average acne, this outrageous blackhead slipped out with perfectly rounded edges. Watch this video and take a look for yourself

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